Uganda spent Shs830m to get Kutesa UN job



We have learnt that the government of Uganda parted with Shs 830m to help Sam Kutesa get the United Nations job.

Joseph J. Szlavik, a former advisor to President Georges Bush at the beginning of the 1990s also head of Scribe Strategies & Advisors, made the revelation while speaking to Daily Nation Kenya on Burundi rebellion.

Szlavik said he was currently lobbying Joseph Szlavik, the US government to allow President Pierre Nkurunziza to run for another term in office.

To show his expertise on the lobbying job, Szlavik reminded the newspaper that he was the man behind Uganda’s Kutesa getting the UN job.

Joseph Szlavik served at the White House during the first Bush Administration as a policy analyst in the Office of Policy Development and as liaison with the Office of Cabinet Affairs and the Office of Legislative Affairs.

By 1992, Mr. Szlavik had established his own company, now known as Scribe Strategies & Advisors, which now counts business, government, and non-profit clients on four continents.

He said Scribe, a Washington lobbying firm he heads, signed $250,000 (about Shs 830,000,000.00) deal with the Ugandan government to lobby the US Congress on Kutesa’s ambitions.

The money was used to “influence media coverage of Uganda and assist Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa in his role as president of the United Nations General Assembly”.

The 193 members of the United Nations sitting in New York in June 2014 unanimously elected by acclamation the then Uganda Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Kutesa, as the next President of the UN General Assembly.

He now chairs the world body’s 69th session.

In his acceptance speech, Kutesa, even drew on the inspirational 1963 speech to the UN General Assembly by former US President, John F. Kennedy, to underscore his resolve to have the UN prioritise elimination of hunger, poverty and illiteracy — dovetailing at home with yet unfulfilled aspirations of Uganda’s immediate post-independence leaders.

He added: “If this applied to (Kennedy’s) generation 51 years ago, it is even more applicable to today’s generation. The scale and reach of most of the challenges we face, coupled with the limited capacity of many of those worst affected, requires that we address them collectively. The United Nations exists to find solutions through our combined efforts.”

Szlavik does not give details of when and how the money that bought Kutesa’s job was transferred.

He, however, noted that Scribe will play no role in defending Ugandan laws criminalising homosexual relations.

“We have not been engaged for that purpose and want to make clear that we are fully supportive of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons around the globe,” Scribe associate, Richard Sincere, wrote in an email to the Nation.

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