Uganda shilling and global market report – August 23, 2016


The Uganda shilling closed at 3367 on the US dollar, 4445 on the British pound, 3807 on the Euro, 50.15 on the Rupee, 33.22 on the Kenyan shilling (it is depreciating on this one), 2607 on the Canadian dollar, 2564 on the Australian dollar and 1.54 on the Tanzania shilling (it is depreciating on this one too).

Coffee Arabica closed at $3.60 per kilo.

Coffee Robusta closed at $2.02 per kilo.

What a sweet move on Arabica.  Winter is coming up and coffee will be going up but Arabica is kicking.

Gold gained $1 and closed at 1339 per ounce.  Nothing at all.  The markets must have done well.

Brent Crude Oil fell below its bad close yesterday but recovered and ended up gaining $0.40 and closed at $49.49 per barrel.

WTI Crude Oil did the same as Brent but recovered and gained $0.69 closing at $48.10 per barrel.

Both types of crude have resistance awaiting and this nightmare that Iran is shooting for putting 4 million barrels on the market daily will scare the crap out of oil like you have no idea.  It is in the future but those who think that oil is going back to the old prices in the neighbourhood of $100-$200 should just put their money in coffee.



Shanghai gained 5 points and it is bullish.

Hong Kong woke up.  Look at that.  It gained a whole 2 points.  It looks bullish too (more buyers than sellers) and although the temptation is huge to short it now, I would hold off and likely go long (buy and hold).

Tokyo lost 101 points but this is nothing for this index.


Frankfurt is strong.  The DAX keeps defying the odds.  Last week when it made that big white candle, I knew it.  This candle has held back all the small drops. It gained 99 points.  Power to the Germans!

Paris gained 32 points.  Never mind those funny clothes being banned off the beaches.  I am gonna get one of them. I already have veils.

London gained 40 points.  I feel bad for all the people who sold on #Brexit.  The FTSE just keeps pushing the envelop.

North America:

Toronto gained 17 points and this is nothing for the TSX but it is mighty strong.  Keeps dropping a bit then goes up.

Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 18 points.  Nothing to write home about (or text) but it is bullish.

Standard and Poor gained 4 points. Ditto.

NASDAQ gained 15 points but did a tiny gap and now this becomes its support.  Given that its cousins are on the way up, the COMPQ will rise with the tide.


Well, the world is still set on killing each other.  Make love, not war.  Why do you kill so much?  You are not even cannibals.  Some idiots get ammunition and drop it on people.

The good one from today was Machar with Bashir in Sudan.  But get this, some guy was arrested in Nigeria for naming his dog after the president.

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We are now on the watch for #NEXIT because the opposition in Netherlands is proposing to exit the EU.

Things can get complicated so I would like to suggest that you read this one.  It includes margin and STOPS.  I will write more about these things along the way.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

I have an IT and business background.  I own shares in oil and mutual funds.  I have also traded for a long time.

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