Uganda security wires USA office to find TVO


Robert Shaka who the police thinks is TVO


Ugandan security is consulting with its offices based in California in USA to help them identify who Tom Voltaire Okwalinga best known as TVO really is.

TVO is popular for digging up the dirtiest scams involving government officials and members of the ruling party.

He seems to know what happens where and when, making his Facebook page one of the most visited pages on social media.

Currently, TVO is trending with the story of how military discovered over 50 guns when they raided former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi’s daughter, Nina Mbabazi Rukikaire’s offices on Saturday.

He also has an audio recording allegedly attributed to Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, where “she slams Banyankole for messing up the country for the last 30 years and hiring saboteurs to bring her down.”

TVO also has a report reportedly complied from his research carried out in western Uganda: “a fact finding mission in western Uganda that took me to the whole of Ankole and Kigezi and parts of Tooro”.

“I can now tell the nation that Museveni is a very unpopular person in these areas. I was surprised how people are ready to forgive Mbabazi if he supports Besigye in leading a people’s movement to put Museveni’s rule to an end. I also found out that there were more people supporting Museveni in Ntungamo than those in Kiruhura where he lives. In some areas of Bushenyi and Kigezi, Museveni should never even waste his time going to campaign there. It is as if some wind has just swept through,” he writes.

Highly wanted by security agencies, TVO remains elusive.

Police interrogates Shaka, thinking he is TVO

Meanwhile, police is currently interrogating another social media analyst and information security consultant, Robert Shaka aka Maverick, thinking he is TVO.

Shaka told NTV news anchor/reporter, Solomon Sserwanja, that his home has been searched and himself summoned to police for allegedly being TVO.

Shaka said while he follows events that take place in Uganda and all over the world, he is not the most wanted social media critic.

He said that in September 2013, security claimed to had confirmed his identity as TVO and was to later be summoned in February 2015 for interrogation.

“I am not a criminal, I am a patriot,” Shaka told NTV.

He has to appear every month in Kibuli to report at the CIID headquarters.

He said during the search of his home, police took his gadgets including; an iPad, a MacBook, DVDs and flash disk with the hope of securing evidence that would pin him.

“I express my opinions on how the economy, unemployment etc. This is how a person who is civically conscious does it,” he said suggesting that it could be the reason why security suspects him.

Shaka was even forced to change his name on Facebook to Maverick Blutaski because people were duplicating his name to divert traffic.

“My wife fears walking with me in public places. She thinks am an endangered species. She is afraid of becoming a widow,” he told NTV, saying this trailing by security has negatively affected his family.

He advised government to rally its supporters to counter TVO’s arguments instead of hunting down innocent people as suspects.

Robert Shaka, according to available information, was born in Kasana, Luwero district to a Rwandese single mother, a female Luwero triangle soldier.

Shaka obtained a State House scholarship from S.1 at Kings College Budo and thereafter did a diploma in IT.

He started working at US embassy in Kampala until he got another scholarship to do another course in IT at the Silicon Valley, California.

TVO mocks police after NTV report  

Immediately after NTV aired its Sunday report on Shaka, TVO wrote on his page mocking police.

“The Uganda police CIID is full of retards…” TVO wrote, adding, “I am happy Robert Shaka, (Maverick Blutaski) picked the courage to prove to the entire world that he is not the TVO whom the regime is looking for.”

TVO said the manner in which the CIID have made him to report endlessly to their office is appalling.

“My advice to them is that they should abandon their futile search for TVO, because they will never get him.”

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