Uganda protects a robber, punishes the robbed-lawyer


Lawyer and activist Andrew Karamagi says he is saddened by the fact that Ugandan youth have been reduced to mere pawns in a political game by their elders.

“It is sad that young people are reducing themselves to being pawns in a political game,” Karamagi said Thursday while appearing on NBS television.

He said the political class is the most distrusted group of people in the country today.

According to him, given the current state of affairs, the youth are on their own.

“We need to marshal ourselves and pressurize the junta.”

Asked on Youth Fund, Karamagi said that is yet another handout but argued that no country has developed from giving out handouts.

“Youth are getting loans amid high power tariffs, high interest rates… We need to create a conducive environment.”

He added: “What we are seeing is not empowerment of the youth of Uganda but tokenism and patronage.”

He said youth empowerment was botched under Pius Bigirimana “but the man has been maintained”.

“Society must protect the robbed and punish the robber. In Uganda, that is the other way round.”‪

The lawyer noted that on average, Ugandans don’t spend more than Shs 2,000 daily yet “we’re talking about attaining middle-income status by 2020!”

“It would be an economic miracle for Uganda, where people spend UGX2,000 a day, attains middle-income status by 2020.”

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