Uganda has some great artists if we step away from war


In 2013 when I returned to Uganda after decades in Canada and growing up on classical music and pop music, I was shocked at how much talent the country can grow.

Skeptical (and I am a music manager and promoter) I asked Ashe Grace Sebulime to send me some of his work.

Our kid who was 10yrs old at that time looked at me and said “Nangalama Enterprises must now double my salary”.  I was paying her $15/hr to use her laptop and smart phone for something besides Pokemon.

Imagine my shock when the kid told me “this dude paints like Davinci”.  Of course I did not double her salary.

Then I looked at the originals from our Davinci and I sent them to some friends who specialise in art.  Every email came back saying “no way in hell someone in Uganda can paint like him”.

Ladies and Gentlemen,  Sebulime is the real thing.  He also sculpts and does Interior Design.

His studio is in Mukono (Kampala surbab) and he paints like you have no idea.

But in that same year, I met REXY and took the paintings from Sebulime and used a song from REXY.  That video is my opening channel on Youtube.

When you fall in love with art, you never look behind.

Uganda has got many talented people but the economic and political situation is a bit complicated so the world only a few but the masses are working.

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