Uganda can’t be Libya, Museveni warned


president Yoweri Museveni

Former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has accused President Yoweri Museveni of working to drive Uganda into a crisis like one that happened in Libya.

Besigye made the remarks in a conversation NTV Uganda’s “On The Spot” programme on Thursday night.

He started by accusing the president of staging a coup during the 2016 elections.

“I have no doubt that Mr. Museveni is not the choice of the people. He can move with guns but that won’t make him a people’s president.”

Besigye who has been in prison on treason charges for swearing himself in as a people’s president says what makes a president is not swearing in.

” It is symbolic. It is like getting the body of Christ but that does not make you a believer in Christ. That is just a symbol. It is the people of Uganda that makes you a president.”

Talks with Museveni

On those that are pursuing dialogue with Museveni, Besigye said he has no problem with them.

“If I have a case, it is against Uganda. Mr. Museveni should have no power at all. Once you are accused its an offence against the people of Uganda. But where President has power is at sentencing.”

“But Mr. Museveni is head of parliament, deals, every one that wants to do business, land…etc the very things we were catisgating are those in state house.

On some Ugandans who are saying that Mr. Museveni should forgive him, Besigye wondered what crime he has against the president.

“I have seen some members of UPC and DP in Government, I do not know how they are balancing this.”

Regarding dialogue, after 2006 or 2011 there was talk of dialogue. Mr. Museveni invited leaders of opposition. Ssebana Kizito and Maria Obote went.

“I wrote back and I asked what the meeting is about. If we are to discuss the politics of the country, can we bring in our topics..what type of meeting is this. They wrote back and said you have been invited by the President but I said I am not interested in a meeting that I have no knowledge of.”

Besigye narrated that after 2011, together with Mr. Ogoola at Protea Hotel they discussed on what dialogue needs to be.

“We said if we are to have a dialogue lets have a clear agenda, moderator, guarantors on how to implement the dialogue. Under our politics, we can have a President without a party and without a member of Parliament.”

Leader of opposition

In a presidential system, Parliament is constructed, it is minority and majority like they have in USA, Besigye explained saying Obama is a president but his party is minority in both houses.

“The terminologies that we have in our politics are misplaced. We need to have majority and minority.”

“There should not be a leader of Opposition in Uganda. I believe in our Party and I respect our party decisions. I respect them, I do not agree with them. If I had been consulted, they do not have to take my view. My view would be that we first correct and before we do this nothing was tying our heads. This is not a major thing as people put it.”

Parliament is an institution of the dictator, he said, adding, Parliament, however many or few..it will not be the one to deliver change.

Uganda can’t be Libya

Besigye ruled out the use of guns to topple Museveni although he acknowledged it would be the easiest way.

“People have power. Every struggle has pain. The bush war that we participated in left 500,000 dead. So is that better?”

“No, that is why…even now I have so many messages from Ugandans saying..wake up Besigye defiance will not work. We are ready, give us guns and we defend ourselves but it is my duty to inform them that I have used guns before. We can get guns..even the greatest majority in UPDF want change. There was very convincing vote against Mr. Museveni.”

Besigye reminded his supporters that use of guns will take them to jail and cost them thier lives.

“No military has ever won against the people. For the first time in our country, guns will be surbodinate but now they are in control of our country.”

“Uganda can’t desend to a Libya of sorts. In some of those cases there is foreign intervention.”

He said Tunisia is doing much better and that the people must be organised anywhere.

“Even as we struggle, people will have leadership. A leadership that want to change the country. I am excited that we have people in the religious side. liberation is a non-partisan struggle not just FDC.”

“You cannot have peace without justice. If you want peace, fight for justice. If you re a believer in God, believe in Jesus as he is the one that takes you to God.”

He agreed there will be destruction because one cannot have an omelette without breaking eggs.

He, however, insisted it is Ugandans to sort out her problems.

“The international community is aware that Mr. Museveni is illegitimate.EU were here and reporting what was happening..They had a huge team and they are still here. The african themselves are gone and they are lamenting. There are wars because we are not concentrating on the governance in african countries.”

He said Mr. Museveni is well known and that the problem of Uganda is the politics.

“If we sort out the politics everything will be fine. This is what I wrote about in 1999. We were meant to sort this out by empowering citizens and secondly to remodel the laws and constitution. That is where we failed.”

“The constitution is not a good document that is why we are still talking about reforms of the constitution. It was a failure. We have to go back there and rebuild the constitutional frame work and make institutions of the people. Have a police force, judiciary where people can go and get quick justice and Parliament that is independent.”

He said until change happens there cannot be any different, emphasising that his duty is to influence the people of uganda to be masters.

“We are controlled by the mind…I am spiritually prepared to face all these challenges. Which will remain as long as the country is not free. We are challenged as Ugandans..we need to transform from a country where citizens have no rights and I see that on the horizon that we shall have change.”

He reminded government and army officials to do their duty.

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