UBC presenters make up, share brief kiss on air

Some of the employees exited with the new facility modern editing software

Some of the employees excited about the facility of modern editing

Uganda Broadcasting Corporation [UBC] TV is facing a few challenges as it tries to shift from old studios to the new facility.

Some of these challenges include news anchors messing up when they are already on air, curtsey of disjointed communication and overall disorganisation.

UBC TV manager Jane Kasumba reportedly forced the newsroom to use the incomplete facility located in the same premises as the old studios.

The new facility that contains equipment installed by Sony has the best output across East Africa.

In her hyper excitement, the “heavy booty” manager has provoked more criticism for the station after the anchors and presenters were seen making up their hair at the time they were supposed to be reading news.

UBC presenter busy making up hair on live TV

Luganda anchor adjusting her hair on live television

The mess up, according to a source, is caused by lack of intercommunication between the old and new studios as reporters, anchors and editors have to run up and down from the old to new facility doing manual coordination.

On Friday morning, a one Reuben Kibirango was caught off guard giving a peck [brief kiss] to a fellow presenter only identified as Jackie.

The two had no idea they were still on air after a break while presenting the Good Morning Uganda Morning Show.

Some of the employees were  also caught live expressing their dismay at the new facility’s modern editing software.

On Thursday night, one of the Luganda news anchors, Evelyn Nakayongo, was showed on air making up her hair at the time she was supposed to be reading news.

Luganda news anchor Evelyn Nakayongo making up on air

Evelyn Nakayongo, UBC news anchor makes up on air

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