Tumukunde blamed for Amama home attack


Brig Henry Tumukunde ex-boss of the feared Ugandan ISO

Team JPAM 2016, a group that popularizes Amama Mbabazi on social media, has placed blame on senior spy, Brig Henry Tumukunde.

A group of youth going by the name “NRM 24/7” Friday morning stormed the former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi’s home in Kololo.

Wearing pro-President Yoweri Museveni T-shirts, the youth accused Amama of promises made to them early in the year including giving them jobs and money.

They also accused him of being unreliable saying they had lost hope in him since he is nolonger moving with the NRM party.

Three people were injured in a fight that broke out as Pro-Amama youth drove the assailants out of Kololo.

Tumukunde accused

Team JPAM alleges that the attack on Amama’s residence was carried out by “hired thugs wearing NRM shirts with President Museveni’s face contracted by Brig. Tumukunde”.

JPAM team claims 80 crime preventers were paid by Brig Tumukunde Shs 100,000 each for the job but only eight of them completed the mission.

They say Tumukunde was given a mouth-watering Shs 500bn by Museveni to handle Mbabazi by all means.

We reported recently how Museveni had employed a former senior but retired spy, Brig Henry Tumukunde, to infiltrate and neutralise Mbabazi camp.

Tumukunde is at the centre of Museveni’s media team that is instructed to destroy Mbabazi’s networks ahead of 2016.

The brigadier has been busy meeting journalists in Kampala and seeking ways of breaking Mbabazi’s dominance of daily news.

The huge team includes; Simon Kaheru, the new Consultant of NRM for communication, Don Wanyama, former Daily Monitor managing editor and Museveni’s Special Media Assistant, the NRM Secretariat and minister for Presidency, Frank Tumwebaze,

“Their intention was to physically harm our president in waiting though they failed miserably as they were ably kept at bay by our president’s personal aides while the Uganda Police who arrived an hour or two after they had been informed just watched on in a manner similar to spectators at a sports event (This the national force responsible for keeping ‘Law and Order” you can imagine),” claim the JPAM team.

“We know this is a gross violation of an individuals human right and the perpetrators of this act are clearly taking the country for granted.”

They further allege that “these individuals acting on behalf of the President Museveni believe they have the ability to stifle an idea who’s time has come”.

“Many have tried in history and failed in similar acts. So we appeal to you, our fellow brothers and sisters in this liberation struggle to stand firm with us as we ‪#‎GoForward to a better future. Have faith in the fact that they can’t stop us.”

We were unable to reach the former ISO spy for a comment.

Museveni team accuse Mbabazi of staging the attack himself

In a counteraccusation, the Museveni team says it was actually Amama who staged a mock attack on his residence.

“The so-called NRM 24/7 youth scuffle at the Mbabazi gate was designed by the JPAM team to do two things: bring JPAM back into the media and divert attention away from ‪#‎GaysforMbabazi.”

There was a media report saying Mbabazi is being sponsored by gays from western countries alluding to a television interview in which Amama defended the rights of gays.

Museveni team says JPAM created the groups like NRM Poor Youth, Anti-Museveni Poor Youth and other such groups.

“The youth group was dressed in brand new Museveni t-shirts, and kept displaying them prominently on screen in order to make it appear as if Museveni was behind this.”

They also refer to “Kiboko squad” that came out of Mbabazi’s house to disperse the youth group saying it was clad in exactly the same Museveni t-shirts!

“After the NBS reporter pointed that out, they took them off. NBS footage can prove this.”

Museveni team says the alerts to the newsrooms about this so-called storming was done by two individuals who are known to be close to a lawyer linked to the Mbabazi family (they don’t name him).

They further submit that Mbabazi has consistently hosted these youth groups over the last one year at his home in Kololo.

“Mbabazi was clearly behind the kiboko squads, as evidenced by the speed with which his security people appeared with well-shaped, pre-cut kibokos.”
They argue that this event was designed to divert attention away from gays support for Amama and has nothing to do with the NRM party or Museveni’s candidature.

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