Tooro Prince calls Oyo’s mum ‘stupid’


Queen Mother Best Kemigisa


Tooro rival prince, David Kijjangoma, yesterday lost his cool and labelled the Queen Mother also King Oyo Kabamba Iguru’s mum, Best Kemigisa, as a “stupid woman”.

According to what we have gathered, the Prince was driven to his nerves’ end by the Queen Mother who abused him during a church service.

The Queen Mother has of recent come under severe criticism for keeping her son, King Oyo in Kampala making it hard for him to meet his subjects and solve their problems.

Some time back, Kijanangoma accused Oyo of failure to run the Kingdom and effect the deserved development.

The remarks have been silently burning Kemigisa until she got her chance on Easter to fight back.

This is what transpired:

Pastor K.L Dickson of Kabarole Christian Fellowship Cathedral on Sunday invited both Kemigisa and Kijanangoma to attended a church service at his church.

The Pastor knew what he was doing; his aim was to reconcile the two and possibly end the reigning Tooro power feud.

As a leader who listens, Prince Kijanangoma showed up accompanied by his family and relatives.

However, the pastor had made one grand mistake; he never told his wife, a one Gladys, also sister Kemigisa about his intentions.

Immediately, she saw Kijanangoma, Gladys rushed out of the church and telephoned Kemigisa.

We are told the Queen Mother “did not wait for water to dry on her face” but rushed to the church at a breakneck speed.

Tactfully, Gladys made sure the Queen Mother was invited to address the congregation.

Kemigisa fires missiles at Kijanangoma

When she was at last invited to talk, Kemigisa launched a scathing attack on the rival Prince reducing him to a mere masquerader.

Kemigisa put it to Kijanangoma that he will never be King of Tooro because he is not a genuine person.

She even claimed evidence that the Prince had been hired by saboteurs to cause division within the Kingdom.

Then abuse followed abuse until the congregation started murmuring in shock.

Meanwhile, King Oyo too had been invited at the same church with the aim of reconciling him with his relative.

However, Kingdom insiders tell us the King turned down the request and prayed from a different church Pentecostal church nearby.

Prince Kijanangoma fires back, calls Kemigisa stupid  

The Prince had maintained a deathly silence all through the service.

Worse, he was never given an opportunity to address believers as the Queen Mother had been given one.

He only managed to talk outside the church.

Asked why he had not fought back amidst abuses, Kijanangoma said he “can never argue with that stupid woman”.

“She (Kemigisa) is not the person I should be talking to. I can only talk to King Oyo but not her,” he explained.

Congregation reacts

The murmurs that had started inside the church where Kemigisa went low and quarreled like market women, continued even outside church.

One of the believers was heard condemning the Queen for “talking like that in public”.

The Kabarole DPC, Geoffrey Kahebwa, too was not impressed at all.

At the end of the service, he could not contain his anger anymore.

He lashed out at the Queen for “a bad conduct” in front of people who “respect her”.

Even the pastors and other church leaders said the Queen Mother had “gone beyond boundaries”.

They said that (church) was a holy place, she should have respected that and said whatever she wanted outside.

Tooro feasts at Kijanangoma’s palace

Today, the whole day, Tooro subjects have gathered at the Rwengoma palace located along Bundibugyo road to celeberate with the Prince.

We have confirmed that police has deployed to the palace to oversee orderly celebrations.

The eating, rejoicing and bonding is part of Easter Monday celebrations specially thrown by the Prince for Tooro.

However, tensions remains high in the Kingdom.


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