Tooro Prince alters anthem, puts Oyo on edge


Prince David Kijanangoma (Photo by New Vision)


Political feuds seem to be worsening in Tooro Kingdom especially with the rival Prince, David Kijanangoma, going a step ahead to change the Kingdom anthem “without” consulting the reigning King Oyo Kabamba Iguru.

The Prince, according to URN, contracted Kogere Foundation Cultural, an entertainment group under Engazu Za Tooro, a cultural NGO in Tooro, to alter the anthem.

Titled “Agutamba” like the old one (composed by the late George Magwara in 1945), the anthem has different lyrics and praises the people of Tooro instead of the King.

Magwara, a member of the Tooro Parliament, the Orukurato composed the anthem during the reign of Omukama David Kyebambe Kasagama and served George Rukidi III, Patrick Kaboyo and Oyo, until his death in 2005 at the age of 84.

Meanwhile, Dan Rubombora, the head of the royal clan in Prince Kijanangoma camp says that they will no longer honour the old anthem which has “no respect for the people of Tooro”.

The new anthem is already being played on radio stations in Fort Portal and copies selling like hot cake at Shs 5,000 per CD.

However, Kennedy Gusaalire, the Kingdom spokesperson, says that no one has the mandate to change the anthem without seeking approval from the King and kingdom parliament.

Charles Muhanga, the custodian of Kingdom history says that the old anthem is unique since it promotes the Tooro culture and glorifies the King.

Muhanga, who was present on December 3rd 1945, the first day the anthem was sang, says that Omukama Kyebambe who rarely smiled, was overjoyed when he heard the anthem.

Oyo starts serious work

While his authority continues to be undermined, Oyo has now decided to build grass root structures by appointing new county and sub county chiefs.


Tooro Prince rides through town with Irumba


On Saturday the king presided over the swearing-in of 20 sub county chiefs and 2 county chiefs who will be manning the counties of Kibale and Kitagwenda in Kamwenge district.

“I have initiated a new plan to mobilize all the clans in Toro kingdom in the fight against HIV and to improve household incomes so that we can build a strong foundation for our Kingdom,” the King is quoted by New Vision as saying.

He added: “I encourage everybody in Toro kingdom to fully utilize the office of the kingdom prime minister, the kingdom chiefs at various levels and the clan leaders to generate ideas that can develop Tooro.”


The King also launched the construction of another palace in Kicheche sub county Kitagwenda County in Kamwenge district.

He donated Shs 20m to Kicheche church of Uganda.

Subjects celebrate flopping of Kijanangoma’s trespass case

Tuesday, subjects hit the streets of Fort Portal town to escort their new King back to the Rwengoma palace after hearing of a criminal trespass case filed against him flopped.


Tooro subjects honouring the Prince


The Kingdom accuses Kijanangoma of trespassing at Rwengoma palace located along Bundibugyo road which he says was officially given to him by elders.

Kijangoma’s loyalist, Andrew Irumba, told us that state presented a witnesses at Fort Portal Chief Magistrates court who didn’t even know which case he was testifying in.

Francis Kabuzi, the witnesses, was presented by Tooro Kingdom lawyer, Charles Bwiso, also the Fort Portal State Attorney.

Kabuzi, also Bunyangabu county chief, told court presided over by Samuel Emokol in March, 2015, he “heard news on one of the local radios that prince Kijanangoma had declared himself as King of Tooro”.

Kabuzi said he found people celebrating at the palace upon which he reported a case to police.

Laughter then gripped court attendants when the Prince’s lawyers, Johnson Musana, reminded Kabuzi that he was testifying in a wrong case (his was the Prince declaring himself King while Kijanangoma was in court over trespass).

The case was pushed to June, 16, 2015.

Thousands of Kijanangoma’s subjects burst out in jubilation, carried him from court back to his palace.


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