Tigo 4G LTE closing digital divide in Tanzania


The truism of the world being just a click away becomes a stark reality in view of the recent technological advancement in data transmission. 

Following successful rollout of Tigo 4G network in major cities in the country, the telecom’s customers can now enjoy the latest unprecedented technology backed by a strong and tentative will by the company to close the digital chasm that currently exists.

It has been argued that Africa lags behind digitally in an era when other continents are up and running, and yet, life – transforming innovations wrought by mobile telephony such as healthcare Apps, money transfer and educational material have been hatched in the continent.

In that regard, it is prudent to speculate how the new 4G LTE will transform Africa in general and Tanzania specifically. It should be remembered that access to information is enshrined in the UN charter.

The divide will only be filled only if Africa embraces technology as it presents itself in various world platforms – 4G LTE is one technology. The benefits of using 4G LTE are immense – they include better quality, faster download speeds, more stable internet connections and more responsive applications that appeal to people of different ages and lifestyles.

This amazing transformation results from benefits accrued from high peak speeds and high carrier aggregation that further improves the users’ speed. With it come scalable bandwidths allocations that provide for deployment capacities and flexibility and low latency.

Tigo’s Head of Data and Services Mr. David Zakaria says that to keep Tanzania’s population connected to the world, the tech-focused companies should be in the forefront in investing into the latest life – changing technologies including 4G LTE platforms.

“Tigo 4G experience makes the whole world of difference. It is indeed a game changer in the way people have always perceived internet connectivity. Videos take very little time to stream and do not scramble on the screen like they used to in the past,” he said

The 4G LTE network offers faster and higher speeds of data transfer, faster response replacing the 3G that preceded it with unequalled connectivity and reliability. The system offers a whole world of experience as fastest data, video and sound transfers – such as high definition content, video blogs, interactive games and video downloads on social networking sites.

It will further enable Tigo customers to browse through high-data connection because it ensures real-time sharing of large files and media streaming.

In addition to streaming, Tigo’s customers have the option to offline their content as this is a feature that allows users to add videos to their mobile devices and watch later during periods of low or no internet connectivity.

Technically, the 4G has improved efficiency that allows limited bandwidth that is used to access layers of wireless network – more information to be transmitted in a given bandwidth, while increasing the number of users and services the network can support. This was confirmed by Joseph Mbilinyi, an independent IT technician.

According to Zakaria, the internet experience has greatly improved not only on his handset that is 4G-embedded but also the Tigo internet modem for his laptop as streaming, watching videos and downloads have now been easier – stuff that used to take several minutes, now only take seconds.

East African Business Week.

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