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Americans crash immigration Canada website in fear of Trump win


Trump’s surge fires up liberal American interest in fleeing north.

One newspaper ran a mock-tutorial on “How to flee America.” Google searches for “How to move to Canada” surged by 350% in the space of four hours after Super Tuesday, according to a tweet from the company’s Data Editor Simon Rogers (it later went up 1500 %).
The banner headline in the New York Daily News read: MAKE AMERICA MIGRATE – a take-off on Trump’s promise to “Make America Great.” And the Canadian government’s immigration website crashed.
Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday surge is firing up the urge of many Americans to abandon the country once famed as the sanctuary of the world.  And Canada, long put-down as the United States’ attic or top hat or “loft apartment over a really great party,” is having its moment in the sun – as the Promised Land.
“For America it’s becoming a reality that Trump and Clinton are going to be the final two. For me it’s becoming a reality to move to Canada,” was among the hundreds of messages posted on social media on Tuesday night as the reality of the 2016 electoral match-up dawned on many Americans.
Liberal Americans’ love for Canada stems as much from their revulsion of Donald Trump and his policies as their admiration for Canada’s recently elected Prime Minister, the young, personable, and engaging Justin Trudeau, who is the very antithesis of Trump. Whereas Trump has made bigotry, racism, and intolerance the hallmark of his campaign, Trudeau last month opened his arms – and Canada’s – by personally welcoming refugees from Syria, and pledged to take in more of them, in sharp contrast to Trump, who wants to keep them out.
Calls have already gone out for a Nobel Peace Prize for Trudeau – or even for all of Canada. Trudeau recently posed in a pink T-shirt proclaiming, “Kindness is one size that fits all” — a message that would be lost on the crude, coarse, and bombastic Trump.
Canada’s population is roughly a tenth of that of the United States – 35 million to 320 million of its southern neighbor. It has vast open spaces, great natural wealth and beauty, and the ability to absorb plenty of immigrants, although its immigration policy is fine-tuned to absorb more educated and high-skilled people unlike the United States.
But who would have thought America’s best and brightest would be the potential immigrants, although the idea did begin to take shape more than a decade ago?
When America’s electoral map began to show Conservative Republican red states concentrated in the center of the country, one Internet meme named the territory “Jesuland.” The liberal east coast and west coast states were conjoined with Canada to form the “United States of Canada.”
“Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity,” the famed communications expert Marshall McLuhan once said. It now appears Canada has acquired an admirable new identity – as the United States of Canada, or the New America.
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