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Rwanda opposition congratulates UK PM Theresa May


On behalf of myself and my party, the Rwanda People’s Party (RPP), I would like to congratulate, Mrs Theresa May

on becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. We wish Mrs May and her new government every success in

the future. The RPP is particularly glad that for the second time in the history of the UK a woman has become

Prime Minister and we believe her appointment will motivate and encourage more women from the UK and all over

the world to take greater part in politics and play a greater role in public life.

My party and I, are especially pleased at the prompt election of Mrs May and it provides certainty in a very

uncertain time, following the Brexit Referendum. Mrs May has a proven track record in office and she has proven

to be a shrewd and capable politician. She was the longest serving Home Secretary and this experience will be

needed in her new role. Mrs May will have to oversee Brexit. This will involve negotiating a favourable deal for the

UK, one that will meet the needs of its economy and the democratic wishes of its people. Mrs May will also have

to find a way to convince Scotland that even after Brexit that it is in its best interests to stay a member of the UK.

These are enormous problems, but we fully expect her to meet those challenges. My party and I are heartened by

Mrs May’s first speech as Prime Minister, where she pledged to unify the country. The RPP believes that all

Britons should come together at this time of dramatic changes and developments for the good of the country.

My Party and I, would at this time, also like to congratulate Mr Boris Johnson on his appointment as foreign

secretary. Mr Johnson together with the Prime Minister, will ensure that the British people’s democratic

decision, as expressed in the recent referendum, will be implemented. There is no doubt that the experience of

the Right Honourable Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary will help to make a difference both in Britain and

beyond at this difficult time for the global economy. My Party and I would also wish ever success to all the new

ministers in Mrs May new cabinet.

My party and I would like, once again, to congratulate Mrs May on her appointment as Prime Minister of the United

Kingdom, and we are confident that she will prove to be an excellent leader of the British people at this

challenging time in Britain and globally.

May God Bless the United Kingdom.

John V Karuranga, President

Rwanda People’s Party (RPP)

Twitter @rppimvura

Skype: John.Karuranga

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