TDA rejects Mbabazi over scandals, Lukyamuzi explains


L-R; Opposition Leaders; Kenny Lukyamuzi,Kizza Besigye,Amanya Mushega and Betty Kamya. PHOTO BY DOMINIC BUKENYA/ Daily Monitor

The Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] and Conservative Party [CP] have rejected Amama Mbabazi as flag bearer for The Democratic Alliance [TDA] owning to his numerous corruption scandals.

The alliance was supposed to pick a flag bearer between Mbabazi and Kizza Besigye Wednesday but announced later in the night that they had failed to reach a consensus.

While leaving the meeting earlier, Besigye told press that any decision reached by the alliance would be good news for him; perhaps he already knew.

TDA chairman, Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa, also an FDC member said the opposition party “feels Mbabazi hasn’t been part of the Opposition and doesn’t share our principles. But we will continue negotiations”.

He added: “We as FDC wanted someone who represents rule of law, corruption free et al but Mbabazi did not embody those.”

Mbabazi’s scandals

Prof Kajabago Karusoke, a ruling party ideologue who lectures at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi, said last Friday that Mbabazi was not an upright person to run for the presidency-“not with history of corruption”.

He cited the Temangalo saga of July 2008 when as security minister and Prime Minister, Mbabazi and Amos Nzeyi were paid Shs 11bn by the NSSF for 414 acres of land, with each acre going for Shs 24m.

Mbabazi was also in the Chogm 2007 scam where several ministers, including former Vice-President, Gilbert Bukenya, Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and former state minister for works and transport, John Byabagambi, were implicated in the mismanagement of billions of public funds meant for the 2007 CHOGM summit.

With ministers John Nasasira, Mwesigwa Rukutana and Isaac Musumba; the group instead of Parliament’s allocated Shs 270bn to the summit, used more than Shs 370bn.

Mbabazi was also in the OPM 2012 scandal where the principal accountant in the Prime Minister’s Office, Geoffrey Kazinda, was remanded to Luzira Prison in connection with the disappearance of Shs 5bn.

Prof Karusoke said Mbabazi “wants the presidency for own gains because he has no programme for running the state.”

Birigwa reiterated the same this evening when he said Mbabazi is “not corruption free and doesn’t embody rule of law”.


Hope Mwesigye, Olara Otunnu addressing press

Speaking on the same matter, CP president Ken Lukyamuzi, said: “We find it hard to deal with a man who has no structures and runs an amorphous entity.”

The alliance insisted that Mbabazi doesn’t have any structures with which he can run the state.

“He has an amorphous group [Go Forward Pro Change],” Lukyamuzi told press, adding, “we don’t know who vetted him to lead that group.”

Lukyamuzi said the alliance knows that they are the causation of the crumbling of the Mbabazi-President Yoweri Museveni relations.

“We own the struggle to turn society democratically.”

Earlier in the day, Lukyamuzi threatened to pull out of the alliance citing endless wrangling.

“How do I join the campaign team for Mbabazi yet he claims to be a member of the NRM? Besides, Mbabazi’s ideologies are different from mine,” he told press.

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