Tamale: I was poisoned 3 times, Kagingo assaulted


Kagingo and Tamale Mirundi

Presidential Advisor on Media, Tamale Mirundi, says he has so far been poisoned three times during his service to President Yoweri Museveni at State House.

Mirundi told The Observer in an interview that he is actually lucky to be alive.

“I survived poison three times and my mother was almost killed,” he said, quickly adding, “I will not accept to be humiliated by some of these kids.”

He said his former job as presidential press secretary was poisonous and he won’t be going there again-not ever.

Mirundi says despite the ugly episodes, he will continue supporting and loving president Museveni “whether I am given a job or not because I like him as an individual”.

“The issue is not the job because Museveni paid my tuition at Makerere University; that is why I have a degree.”

Mbabazi has no chance

Mirundi who is now operating outside State House where he has served for 13 years, blames his woes on former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi.

“That is why Mbabazi’s motive to even block my radio and TV programmes, did not succeed and this has given me more courage to continue working for Museveni and NRM.”

Tamale also told the newspaper, President Museveni cannot give power to either Kizza Besigye or Mbabazi because they belong to a hostile group.

“I told people that Mbabazi wants to overthrow the government but they wouldn’t listen.”

He said the crowds seen at rallies during Mbabazi’s consultations in eastern Uganda were paid money.

“He bought a TV station which covered him throughout the eastern tour.”

Tamale further said The Democratic Alliance [TDA] is Mbabazi’s outfit, “which he created using an invisible hand and disassociates himself from it using a surgical operation without paralyzing the whole body and Besigye was fooled to join it”.

“Besigye joined TDA where Bishop Zac Niringiye, Mbabazi’s right-hand man and Beti Kamya, a failure in politics, are some of the judges. In this alliance, Mbabazi will emerge victorious because TDA is like his party.”

Defends Kagingo

Mirundi also told the newspaper he shared a similar fate with former Presidential Special Assistant for Communications, Ms Sarah Kagingo.

“Just like me, Kagingo used to be framed and tossed up and down because of her effectiveness on duty to the extent that she was assaulted by her workmates and denied a two-and-half-year salary.”

On August 24, 2014, Kagingo filed a case of threatening violence and physical assault against Maj Edith Nakalema, Museveni’s assistant.

The case was referred to special investigations unit (SIU) but nothing was done about it.

Nakalema declined to record a statement and the case vanished just like that.

Mirundi had said on radio in 2012 that Kagingo was a humble lady who was being fought by State House IT mafia who make billions from State House Website.

Responding to questions on NBS TV on whether Kagingo’s appointment meant he was being sacked, Mirundi said, “We work well with Kagingo. Ask her. The people fighting her are the State House IT Mafia.”

Media was later to reveal that a lady in the State House Press Unit very close to the Financial Comptroller had formed a task force with the State House IT Mafia to edge Kagingo out over of her position against wastage on a website that was always redesigned at Shs 650m per annum.

Kagingo is reported to have told the President in a meeting that websites are designed at Shs 2m or less and a President can be charged not more than Shs 5m.

Uganda was treated to drama when Maj Nakalema was in 2014 employed as a typist and she informed an online website that she had ordered the sacking of Kagingo over running around the President.

When social media folks responded angrily questioning how a Major would sack civilians, State House Comptroller Lucky Nakyobe told The Observer that Kagingo was not sacked, instead Ms Nabusayi Linda then in charge of print and much feared Charlotte Turatunga of State House ICT had been assigned to assist Kagingo who is credited for digitizing State House and President Museveni’s communications.

Nonetheless, Kagingo was later forced out of State House at the peak of Museveni social media wars.

Mirundi said he was the only man who was not involved in any of those scandals but “the thieves are there [at State House]”.

He said they are always fighting on the plane to go with the president abroad.

“Fighting thieves has been a big challenge to the extent that some wanted me pushed out of State House.”

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