Video: NRM youth fight at Amama home


They carried banners with grievances against Mbabazi


Another group of youth going by the name “NRM 24/7” Friday morning visited former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, at his home in Kololo.

The youth entered Mbabazi’s residence as early as 6am carrying anti-Amama banners and wearing pro-President Yoweri Museveni T-shirts.


Led by a one “kojja Kojja”, the youth reminded Amama of promises made to them early in the year including giving them jobs and money.

They accuse the former NRM Secretary General of among many things “gaining wealth from NRM, being corrupt, using them, being irrelevant.”

They claim Mbabazi registered their names on the 15th February, 2015 with the promise of getting them jobs.

They also accused him of being unreliable saying they had lost hope in him since he is nolonger moving with the NRM party.


Pro-Museveni youth outside Mbabazi’s home

One is quoted by SMS Media claiming the former premier has money inside his home, and “it should not be hard to pay them off.”

Youths accuse Mbabazi of “failing to honour his promises after they worked for him.”

The battle 

While the 24/7 group was still firing salvo for how they have lost hope in Mbabazi and demonstrating outside his home, another group emerged from inside and a confrontation began.

The new group coming from inside Amama compound managed to chase away the 24/7 faction with canes and stones.

The furious pro-Amama and pro-Museveni youth then engaged in running battles.

As we are told, the battle was won by pro-Amama youth who sent their adversaries scampering away.

Defeated and dislodged, pro-Museveni youth promised to return and make claim while running away and screaming “tugya kudda” (we will return).

Currently, the victor group of youths is guarding Mbabazi’s home.

Police intervened afterwards and told the youths, who were insisting to come back with more numbers ready for a fight, to seek legal redress.

Police also claimed nobody from Amama Mbabazi’s camp called them to disperse the riotous youths who stormed his residence that’s why they delayed.

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