Stella Nyanzi: Ooh…the pleasures of licking a woman


Stella Nyanzi all smiles

Suspended Makerere university lecturer Stella Nyanzi wants to experience the pleasure of licking a woman’s honey pot.

Nyanzi on Saturday joined the Uganda gay community for a vigil in the capital Kampala in solidarity with victims of Orlando shootings, which left 50 gay people dead in the US.

Nyanzi was then accused of joining gays so she can get international attention after the British embassy denied her a visa to UK for stripping naked on live television.

“I was accused of making heaps of money from successfully spreading the gay agenda. As if!!!” she wrote dismissing the rumours.


Nyanzi then decided to enlighten her social media followers about the pleasures of having sex with a fellow woman.

“When I wrote briefly about my fantasy of cunnilingus between two women, there was frothing at the mouth and the gurgling of venomous words from misogynistic men, religious prudish women, and protective parents who argued that I was spoiling their children,” she wrote.

Nyanzi says she has observed a man bursting with the pleasure of fellatio as “I was busy playing music from his cold stiff trumpet”.

She said men love blowjobs [sucking their stiff trumpets] and receiving them.


“They spread their lower limbs, throw back their strong necks, and support their sturdy backs with their hands. If blowjobs are sizzlingly terrific, why deny the plausibility of cunninlingus to attain the same heavenly pleasure?”

Nyanzi wonders who is better qualified to minister cunnilingus than a woman who has intimate knowledge of the pleasure spots hidden on the female body.

“Have you heard a woman scream madly with pleasure from the pure rivers of joy unleashed in gushes upon receiving the ministrations of the tongue of another woman? I would like to.”

“Have you imagined the freedom that would come into our world if you released your hatred of the idea of two women pleasuring each other? I would like you to do so.”

According to her, sexual rights are as important for world peace as civil and political rights.

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