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Stella Nyanzi: Besigye only man I knelt for since dad


Stella Nyanzi and kids visiting Besigye


Makerere lecturer Dr Stella Nyanzi has not knelt down for any man ever since she lost her father.

The only man who brought her back to her names is opposition leader Kizza Besigye.

Nyanzi and her children visited Besigye at Luzira prisons on Thrusday where they met his wife Winnie Byanyima.

Byanyima later said she was delighted to meet Nyanzi and applauded her for the good work done.

“We were particularly blessed to meet him seated with our First Lady Winnie Byanyima. Although we were in jail, I envisioned my President and his First Lady in state-house,” Nyanzi returned the favour.

She said while Baganda girls and women are socialised to kneel down before seniors and men, she has not done it in a long time.

“It is second nature to most of us to kneel in reverence to authority. Many non-Baganda do not get it. We get it, when non-Baganda do not get it. Kneeling is not only a custom, but also a symbol of respect for many of us. I subscribe to it!” Nyanzi wrote.

She said until Thursday, she had not knelt down before any man since her father died.

“However, inside the belly of Luzira Prison, I knelt down at the feet of my president, His Excellency Dr. Kizza Besigye. He has very handsome feet, I must say. I knelt and stayed right down there on the rough ugly dirty floor of the congested prison-office crammed with eavesdropping prison-warders and prison-officers who pored over every interaction the president had with his people.”

She said arresting, charging, detaining, convicting, dismissing, re-arresting, re-charging, re-detaining, re-convicting, re-dismissing, and then restarting the oppressive cycle over and over again will not take away the presidential unction upon Dr. Kizza Besigye.

“Even in jail, he remains president. Today, I only kneel down before God and before President Dr. Kizza Besigye.”

Nyanzi who says the visit was an honour and pleasure to spend almost the whole day at Luzira Prison with my children who went to visit our President Dr. Kizza Besigye.

She said Besigye looks very well and strong, even in the ugly yellow uniform of prisoners in Uganda.

“Although he had multitudes of visitors waiting in queues to see him, President Besigye had time to hug each of my children, converse with them and even write a message in each of their essay books.”

She said Sister Hasifa Nakintu led them in prayer together with the president before the opposition leader signed autographs for the young ones.

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“My children’s life will never be the same again. They are asking me hard questions as we drive back home.”

Kids ask hard questions

“Mama Stella, why did Museveni arrest and lock up President Besigye?” one asks.

“Yes Mama tell us. Why doesn’t Museveni leave the presidency which Besigye won?” asks another.

“So, when Besigye goes to statehouse, will he arrest Museveni and lock him up?”

“What is treason, Mama Stella? How did President Besigye do treason yet he is the president, Mama?”

“How does one explain the injustice and lawlessness in Uganda to children?” Nyanzi wonders.


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