Stella asks police: Do your balls feel heavier when you clobber citizens?

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Dr Stella Nyanzi

Makerere lecturer and satirist Dr Stella Nyanzi has no kind words for Uganda police.

Nyanzi who is angry at police for clobbering civilians has urged the police chief to curb violence meted out on citizens.

This is her statement:

Weep your guts out if your child is a police officer serving in Museveni’s Uganda. The police rank and file are now a deep shame to the wombs that bore them.

Police are possessed by evil and violent demons that mercilessly flog and clobber innocent citizens.

May the gods close up every dirty vagina that birthed a policeman who hit anyone celebrating Dr. Kizza Besigye.

It beats all rationality that men employed to keep law and order, wake up in the morning to wear brand new uniforms, go to police offices in Kampala, and their bosses distribute a stick to each officer with instructions to whip the living daylights out of jubilant Ugandans standing by the road.

Who went to the forests to cut down the branches of our forests in order to equip these colonised corporal punishers with canes?Who took the time to carefully peel the skin or bark off the ugly kiboko (canes) that uglier policemen are flogging civillians with? Which village hooligan cooked and hatched the police programme of caning innocent Ugandans simply standing by the roadside? Do your sausages grow bigger when you hit us?

Do your balls feel heavier when you indiscriminately clobber citizens? Do you get a pay raise for each person you cane? Does your mobile money balance grow longer each time you flog a stranger? Do you feel proud of yourselves for a job well-done when you return to your miserable beds at night? Twisted nitwits!

Fish begins rotting from the head. Listening to the head of the police forces in Uganda, as he applauded police goons who mercilessly caned people waving at Dr. Kizza Besigye, I confirmed that bambi eno engege yavundda dda.

With such a rotten head, the maggots and worms infested in the body of the police forces are deadly!

The underpaid, overworked, rarely promoted, badly fed, uneducated hooligans wearing ugly uniforms and sleeping in overcrowded shabby shared quarters operate on order like the unthinking colonised and castrated zombies that they are.

An order from Kale Kayihura does not make lawlessness lawful. Police violence is still violence.

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