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Ssebaggala: I should be a professor now




Former Kampala Lord Mayor, Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala, says at this moment, he would also be addressed as a professor, if things were otherwise.

A professor, informally often known as full professor, is the highest academic rank at universities and other post-secondary education and research institutions in most countries.

According to Wikipedia, Professors conduct original research and commonly teach undergraduate, graduate, and/or professional courses in their field of expertise.

In universities with graduate schools, professors may mentor and supervise graduate students who are conducting research for a thesis or dissertation.

Professors typically hold a Ph.D., another doctorate or a different terminal degree.

Some professors hold a master’s degree or a professional degree such as an MD as their highest degree.

Appearing on NBS TV Thursday morning, Ssebaggala said with his experience especially in the political field, he should be a professor.

Better known as Seya, Ssebaggala has been a centre of ridicule for speaking poor or broken English.

He instead advised Ugandans to stop assuming that speaking English is a big achievement.

“If you want to do something better, ‘put’ it in your mother tongue.”

He said, for example, 95% of Uganda’s Members of Parliament first stepped onto a plane when they joined House.

“How can they debate for me a well-travelled man?”

The former presidential advisor says Winston Churchill, a former British Prime Minister is his mentor.

“Former British Prime Minister is my mentor. He never even passed Senior 6,” he maintained.

Ssebagala then turned attention to Parliament which this week made a resolution to expel journalists without degrees in journalism from the House.

“Parliament is making no sense when it limits coverage of proceedings to degree-holding journalists,” Seya pointed out.

He advised Parliament to drop latest requirements for journalists interested in covering 10th Parliament.

Asked about his ever-changing allegiance, Seya stated: “When I reach where I want, I will settle. That is normal. Time will tell.”


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