SPLA to shoot own killers, looters, thieving soldiers



Brigadier General, Malaak Ayuen has strongly condemned troops who looted properties and businesses.

GEN Malaak addressing the troops on SSBC said that those who looted civilians they were meant to protect have brought shame on to the SPLA.

He said those individuals should be ashamed of themselves because they have stained the name of the SPLA which can not be washed away even if “you try with one million soaps”.

He added that there shall be searches in barracks and those found with stolen properties will be arrested.

“These are new orders from the high command. All soldiers are ordered to report to the barracks. There are three locations depending which one is closest to you, the old Southern GHQs (Giada), New Site or Bilpham GHQs.”

“You must report before 1200HRS, in uniform with your gun. If you do not have your uniform or gun you must still report yourself. No excuses will be accepted. All those who will not attend will be arrested when found and shot dead if they resist arrest.”

“If you are on secondment then stay where you are and do not move. If you are a soldier found in uniform or without uniform, and armed or unarmed, you shall be arrested. If you resist arrest, you shall be shot dead.”

“As for those who still fire arms randomly in suburbs you are ordered to stop immediately. Should any gunshots ring out, the army shall trace the location, cordon it and arrest the perpetrator.”

“All civilians are asked to report any soldiers firing arms into the air. Do not harbour them, such soldiers are criminals. Call the army and that person will be caught. If they resist arrest they shall be shot.”

“Those who have looted goods are asked to return them where they took them. We are not seen as liberators but as killers, looters, thieves because of your indiscipline. We shall bring that to end.”

SPLA redeployed outside of Wau town and away from civilians

SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, LTGEN Mangar Buong who is, also a member of the fact finding committee formed by the president to probe the Wau violence says relocation and redeployment of the SPLA from Wau town into two locations outside the town has been completed.

GEN Buong after briefing the State Governor, Andrea Mayar Acho the extent the committee has reached with the ongoing investigations said, “I and the Sector Commander and the Division Commander have decided to work together on improving Wau’s situation, so we have decided to move out the army from the town and we have named two areas, Lokoloko site in Salakana area and Jebel Rabi.”

“And if we increase the number of the army, we will reach three areas, so we have started in these areas and in coordination with the State Governor and town Mayor plus local authorities, we have started establishing military camps and water facilities.”

“Our aim is to make our civilians to return to their houses to guard their own properties from thieves,” he said. “Am appealing to our people to return home to monitor their properties right now because the security situation is now calm, you have to be in your own houses, if the situation is not conducive for you at night, then you should make it at day time and if the situation has passed for two days without hearing gunshots, then you should return home,” he said.

He added that the SPLA has been ordered not to retaliate incase of any shelling until they are sure of who is responsible.

“I have talked to the Division Commander to advise the army in case of shelling by the rebels, the army should not respond with heavy artillery. They should first find out who is shooting, and respond directly to the attackers,” said said.

He said that civilians must be vigilant in their communities as some wrong elements use civilian areas as their hideouts.

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