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“You are online. That means you’re ahead of a large percentage of Ugandans. So, don’t waste it and remain ignorant.”

Some of you have seen the above pinned in the Facebook groups where I am an Admin.

What possesses you to attack and abuse a total stranger on Facebook or in Whatsap groups?  You might like this article.  There are more other articles on my blog too regarding this issue.

  1. Never ever attack anyone on Social Media
  2. Never assume that people outside of Uganda use fake names and fake profiles.  Become friends with Google
  3. Everything you say on Social media (even whatsap) goes into history and one day you will have to pay for it. Always only say what you can defend in the future (court, in front of employer, business partner, funders, friends, family).
  4. If you hate reading or researching then you really should stay off social media.  “You left your husband Daniel Nangalama to work as a prostitute in Manitoba”.  Quick search would have shown that Daniel Nangalama is my father and I have never lived in Manitoba (have never even flown to Winnipeg) and my work is well known globally.  Grow a brain.
  5. Whatsap does not mean you are safe from the world.  My phone which runs Whatsap gives me options to take everything off Whatsap and immediately share it on all social media and Google in less than a minute.
  6. Respect your elders.  Why do you call people “you are a grandma?”.  Well, I am damn proud of it.  You live in Uganda, I do not and thank heaven I have lived enough to see Achebe and Soyinka and many more to come.
  7. The world is not on social media to cure your boredom.  Do not put people in your FB or whatsap groups without asking them for their permission.  And if you do and they complain, remove them immediately.
  8. Stop tagging people in your pictures.  Do I really want you tagging me in your MUK grad picture?  I post pictures of my kids a lot and do you see me tagging you?
  9. Stop tagging people in your posts unless you know them well.  There are only about 6 people out of the 5000 friends that tag me and tag me rightly.  Two in Canada, one in USA, 2 in Europe and only one in Uganda.
  10. Social media is a tool that you ought to thank us nerds for having invented (wait, you mean you did not know that IT evolves via everyone who contributes?  Return to school).

Below are some articles I have written in the past on this subject.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

The writer is an IT professional with experience in Social Media and recruiting.

All my opinions are mine and mine alone.  They do not reflect on my employer or any organisation I am affiliated with.  I write to inform and educate Uganda.  Welcome to the world village.


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