Social media and internet basics for Uganda


I have written many articles on social media for Uganda and you can find them on my blog and even on this website. There are some basics that Uganda needs to grasp.

  1. The world is not on social media to cure your boredom.  Do not inbox total strangers.
  2. Whatsap groups are only a maximum of 100 people so spread your message outside of whatsap.
  3. Twitter is not the beginning and end of the world.  Some kid in Uganda told me “why do you use skype and facebook instead of Twitter and whatsap?”.  The following day Facebook bought whatsap.  I even looked on the kid’s Twitter account.  He had 64 followers and I have no idea how many I have.
  4. Do not add people to your groups on Facebook or whatsap without asking for their permission first.  I am in more than 500 groups and did I really give my permission?  This is time wasting.  Get a job.
  5. Perhaps the worst one I have seen is waking up and finding myself in an FB chat group with 100+ people.  No topic, I do not know the people, I always ask to be removed.  The kids who do this do not even know how to remove the people they added.  Wait, who has the time to click on 100 people and add them to a group saying “here I am bored, entertain me?”.
  6. Job applications – never apply for a job via whatsap or FB unless the recruiter specifies it.  In addition, those jobs you see advertised on FB usually say, call this number for more details.  Aha, Ugandans comment with “here is my mobile, contact me, I need that job”.
  7. Never send CVs or any documents via inbox or whatsap (wait, can whatsap attach documents)?  Learn to email documents for crying out loud.  Things you send through inbox do not show up as you intended.  Your not having a computer is not an excuse.  There are internet cafes all over the country.
  8. When you see jobs or scholarships, take the time to read instead of hitting the inbox “madam Martha, tell me more about this opportunity”.  Dude, I just told you it but did you read?
  9. Poor Reading habits are the enemy of civilisation.
  10. Do not tag people in your posts unless you share similar interests and you need them to see the post.  What exactly do I have in common with a kid getting her UCE results from Bududa SS?  Temutumalira budde.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

The writer is an IT analyst for an oil company and has recruiting experience as well as social media. All my opinions are mine and mine alone. They do not reflect on my employer or any organisation I am affiliated with.

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