Sheebah ponders ‘karate’ classes to tame thieves


Musician Shebah Karungi says she is seriously thinking about attending self-defence classes in order to deal with those who like eating off other people’s sweat.

The angry singer was responding to a recent break into her house in Makindye.

The thugs made off with TV set, Woofers, and petty items they found in her living room and also remembered to award themselves her music accolades.

This is her angry message:

“I need to start Self Defence Classes asap! Fkk that.. my whole day has been a mess because of some fools that can’t work for themselves. …. but love eating off people’s sweat! Fkkn thieves

You break into a single woman’s apartment and steal!…you thirsty mfkers.. some stuff you took meant a lot to me than your peanut minds would ever fkkn understand! Why the ffk would you steal my award for anyway?

I keep on wondering what would happen if I didnt lock my bedroom door or woke up in the middle of the night like I usually do to chill outside? Thank God ..everything happens for a reason …I slept late. .waking up at 6:30am , my main door wide open and my stuff gone… I can’t explain how that moment felt but I thank God am alive.

Time for those ‪#‎SelfDefenceClasses ….”

I can’t wait for your return Loosers.. Mstwwwwww

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