Sharifa’s story – trafficked to Saudi Arabia


Nakanjako Sharifa is A Ugandan Girl who was trafficked to Saudi Arabia and employed as a domestic worker. She managed to secretly keep her phone with her and kept talking to her mother while her boss was not at home.
Hell broke out ten days ago when she communicated to her mother that she had got a misunderstanding with her boss. (She didn’t elaborate more ot what kind of misunderstanding she was facing but the mother assumed it was small and could get sorted) To the mother’s surprise that was the last she heard from her Sharifa.

After eight days without communication with the daughter, the mother was hit by high blood pressure, she later confined in the brother that she was worried that her daughter’s problem had turned worse.

A search for Sharifa then started, the Ugandan Embassy in UAE was called for help, they adamantly responded “we don’t deal with girls that come on their own, we only help girls that are brought by companies.” Relatives then contacted me for assistance and gave me details of the girls boss plus address. I wrote to the foreign Affairs Ministry diaspora desk and copied the Ugandan Embassy in UAE with hope that the embassy would raise a query through diplomatic channels but they responded to my email;
“Dear Titus Seruga, Kindly channel your communications through official channels. kindly direct this Email to MoFA Uganda.”

When I asked which is the official channel they responded back with a more detailed email;
“The Embassy does not go to peoples houses to rescue Ugandans. Kindly note that in the quafala system a “maid is bought and is a property of a master” Here in UAE its allowed. therefore if the girl is crying, she has o return approx. 6000aed to her sponsors to cancel her Visa. if you have that money please send it to girl so that she can buy her self out. There is no magic we can do if the Sponsors demand for their money”

I find this unfortunate that slavery takes place with the help of authorities. After putting pressure on Sharifa’s boss with calls, the boss decided to take Sharifa to Sharjah Police Station where she is currently locked up, I have been informed that a fake case has been opened against her for slapping a kid in a home she worked, according to her mother Sharifa can never do such, and why would charges come up after complaints where raised?

Sharifa’s fate in a balance, the family needs help to save her and girl return back in Uganda safe and sound.

I call upon whoever reads this story and can help put their voice on this case and others let’s save lives of African young girls enslaved in the Middle East.

Titus Seruga

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