Exclusive: Seya joins Sejusa to fight dictatorship




The Free Uganda Chairman, General David Sejusa, and his diaspora allies have formed another platform whose mandate is specifically to rescue Uganda.

Dr Vincent Magombe, Free Uganda Press Secretary is the Head of Diaspora Mobilisation of the new pressure group, PLATFORM TO RESCUE UGANDA (PRU).

Free Uganda is a key founding organization, among many other political and civil society organisations and individuals who have established the Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU).

Sejusa is the National Coordinator of PRU, and several Free Uganda members are among the leadership of the new liberation platform.

“Membership of PRU does not entail the dissolution of the member organizations,” Magombe says in a statement.

“The participating member organisations and individuals are involved in a unity of purpose, and that purpose is – to defeat the current dictatorship in Uganda.”

Sebaggala joins Sejusa to end dictatorship

Former Presidential advisor, Al Haji Nasser N. Ssebaggala, is the new (Liberal Democratic Transparency – LDT) Head, Mobilisation Committee of the pressure group.

While resigning his position as Presidential advisor back in January 2015, Ssebagala also former Kampala Mayor said he could “no longer serve under the dictatorship of Museveni”.

Saying matters of democratic governance were getting worse, Ssebagala promised to direct his energies in the struggle for freedom, democracy and good governance.

He was sorry for “accepting to be lured into joining the “dictatorial government” of President Museveni”.

Sebaggala, also a businessman, was an independent presidential candidate in the 2006 Ugandan general election before dropping out and joining the Kampala Mayoral race (serving from 2006 to 2011).

There are reports that he intends to use his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to win majority seats in Parliament come 2016.

The formation of Platform to Rescue Uganda

The members came together on March 31, 2015 and formed PRU with the purpose of building capacity for all resistance forces.

“Our mission is to provide a firm foundation to defeat the dictatorship through putting in place adequate capabilities.”

Course of action

The group says it will conceptualise a coherent joint message to guide the liberation groups and the population at large on how to dismantle the dictatorship.

It will then come up with a clear strategy on how to actualise the desired action plan and guide the public in that endeavour.

“We will also build the adequate capabilities for various parties, groups, individuals irrespective of political affiliations to ensure all are equipped with the required capabilities and competencies required to cause change.”

They will then come up with suggestions on how to reduce the infighting now rampant in the various political organisations, which “is an indirect way helping the oppressor”.


Seya hugs Sejusa


The group will further come up with minimum requirements necessary for each group and organisation if they are to be effective in this struggle, a clear roadmap setting out the specific actions for each phase of resistance and openly involve the population in this action plan, work out guidelines on some key specific requirements in terms of logistics for the struggle and work out the time frame within which all the above must be accomplished.

“This Eight point plan for action will be followed by a detailed political plan on the way forward,” the statement continues.

The group is administered by a National coordinator, Deputy national coordinator, Mobilization committee, Chairman and his deputy, Political committee with a chair and deputy, Logistics committee with  a chair and deputy, Media/ information/publicity committee, Youth Affairs, Traders and Workers Committee, Diaspora Mobilisation Committee and a Secretary.

Founding signatories are; General David Sejusa (Free Uganda), the National Coordinator; Dr Deo Kizito the Deputy national coordinator (Forum for Integrity in Leadership – FIL); Al Haji Nasser N. Ssebaggala (Liberal Democratic Transparency – LDT) Head, Mobilisation Committee; Nyabongo Apollo (Movement Volunteers Mobilisers Organisation – MVMO) Deputy, Mobilisation; Obiga Brian (Free Uganda) Second Deputy, Mobilisation; Emmanuel Tumusiime (Forum For integrity In Leadership – FIL) Head, Political Committee; Adiak Charles (Society for peace and Justice – SPD) Deputy, Political Committee.

Others are; Hon Mike Mabikke (Social Democratic Party – SDP) Head, Logistics Committee; Haji Ssali Sulaiman (Green Partisan Party – GPP) Deputy, Logistsics; Ndomugyenyi (Reform Party – RP) Head, Media, Information and Publicity; Bigirwa Moses (Democratic Party – DP)

Deputy, Media, Information and Publicity; Bigirwa Moses (Democratic Party – DP) Head, Youth Affairs; Ssebaggala Gamal Abdul Nasser (Liberal Democratic Transparency – LDT) Deputy, Youth Affairs; Mr Lokoda Abdul Karim (Democratic Party – DP) Head, Traders and Workers Committee; Dr Vincent Magombe (Free Uganda) Head, Diaspora Mobilisation Committee and Odaka Asuman, Secretary.

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