Sejusa: We’ll save Museveni family after his fall  


Sejusa meeting Museveni


Free Uganda Chairman and National Coordinator of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU), Gen David Sejusa, has urged Ugandans to wake up from their deep sleep and dismantle the President Yoweri Museveni regime.

“Ugandans must wake up now and act to dismantle the Museveni regime,” Sejusa said while meeting with People’s Progressive Party leaders on Tuesday.

“Even one man can trigger a revolution – for those who are dithering and prevaricating, the struggle will not wait for them,” Sejusa continued.

“It is now time for all patriots to act in concert to overthrow the Museveni dictatorship, so that a new democratic, peaceful and progressive Uganda can emerge.”

He said the struggle to free Uganda was already in progress and that the time was ripe for a revolution.

Sejusa cited the death of democracy and murders which are rocking the country as signs of failure by the regime to manage the country.

Calls for election boycott

He said 2016 general elections are already unlawful and a waste of tax payers’ money.

The use of national identity cards, according to Sejusa, is a sign that Museveni has already rigged the next election hence no reason for other political parties to participate in a sham election.

“The people will not just boycott the 2016 sham elections, they will disrupt and stop them from happening.”

“2016 will not happen because the People will this time round not allow a sham election to take place. With Mr Museveni at the helm, there is no chance of holding a free and fair election.”

He predicted that Museveni would not allow the comprehensive reforms demanded by the opposition, because to do so the Ugandan people would vote him out.

“All patriotic forces are therefore called upon to dismantle the rigging regime not just by boycotting the 21016 sham elections, but more importantly to disrupt and stop the sham elections from happening altogether.”

Speaking at a rally in Makerere University, Sejusa urged students to boycott the 2016 general elections if no meaningful electoral reforms are made by the ruling NRM.

“I am here to apologise to fellow Ugandans for having joined that person [Museveni] in the liberation. My contribution did not only bring down Uganda but also Africa. Part of my mission here is to tell you of a strategy that will block a threat that may finish you off no matter what party you belong to,” he is quoted as saying.

Sejusa said part of his current mission is to preach reconciliation and how to build capacity to cause change in capturing power, retaining it and letting Museveni and his family leave peacefully.

Saving Museveni’s soul and family

Yesterday, Sejusa visited the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party headquarters in Kampala.

He was welcomed by the party Secretary General, Fr. Jacinto Ogwal, the National Chairman, Edward Kakonge, spokesperson, Okello Lucima and, David Mbaliraine.

He carried the message of National Reconciliation and Truth telling which is aimed at healing the wounds created by the past political mistakes.

Sejusa said that with the right force, Museveni could be removed from power but at the same time save his soul and family members although they have driven the country to the dogs.

“Museveni made mistakes in the service of the country but we must protect him and his family members after pushing him out of power.”

He said in 30 years, Museveni has abused Ugandans after personalising the army.

“He declared himself controller of Bank of Uganda and practically owned the money.”

“Uganda will never have another leader worse than Museveni but we need to break the cycle of revenging on our leaders.”

Sejusa’s statement was in reference to the suffering subjected to relatives and family members of former leaders like Idi Amin and Milton Obote by successive regimes.

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