Sejusa speaks on Besigye, Mbabazi fallout  



Col Shaban Bantariza, the deputy director of Uganda Media Centre, says the former coordinator of intelligence services, Gen David Sejusa, is nolonger credible to quote by media.

Bantariza was responding to remarks made by Sejusa while throwing his weight behind Dr Kizza Besigye in an interview with Sunday Monitor.

Sejusa told the newspaper that The Democratic Alliance (TDA), a coalition of Opposition parties did not require a single candidate in the first place.

He promised to support both Besigye and former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, only when they desist from smear campaign.

“I don’t understand Mbabazi’s going into TDA. Was he fighting for the 26 per cent of Dr Besigye? His focus should have been reducing Museveni’s 60 per cent,” Gen Sejusa is quoted as saying.

Sejusa’s remarks come after the collapse of TDA following its failure to choose a joint candidate to carry the coalition’s flag in 2016 general elections.

Sejusa said the 2016 presidential elections should not be conducted because they are going to be rigged in favour of President Museveni and his ruling NRM party.

“Of course, people can do anything! So what is not feasible? To go into Museveni’s election and he cheats [rigs] it? This election will be stopped, absolutely,” Gen Sejusa he pointed out.

He then added: “My position is that if you know he has already rigged the election, why go into it? You rather not take part so the world knows the man competed alone with a few Opposition parties.”

Sejusa observed that it was unconstitutional to conduct an election that is not free and fair saying those who accompany Museveni into that election are as guilty as him.

“You are actually abetting and aiding him. We can’t go into an election and those who want to take part in Museveni’s elections can win but they can’t have it just like Dr Besigye won but didn’t get it… We either transform the entire state…. That is the dilemma they [opposition] must confront and resolve.”

However, deputy government spokesman, Bantariza said Sejusa was a “political actor” trying to use innocent civilians as a shield in his personal wars with the state.

“He [Sejusa] was part of the government and the State,” Bantariza told the newspaper.

“Do you still find Gen Sejusa credible to quote? I don’t. He is my senior colleague but politically, just ignore him. If he wants to confront the State, we wish him luck.”

Jotham Taremwa, the EC spokesperson, also told Sunday Monitor he was tired of vote rigging allegations.

“We are tired of that talk. Let him point out where and how we have already rigged for President Museveni.”


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