Sejusa says Museveni has lost propaganda war, not even popular Kagingo can save him


Kagingo at AfriAid inauguration

Dictator Museveni has lost the first round of the People Power Revolt – the Propaganda War, and is now staring political defeat in the eyes.

And the Propaganda war has been won by the People, not because the media machine in Museveni’s state house cannot use modern technology, social networks or even the traditional media outlets to spew out huge amounts of poisonous propaganda in defence of dictator Museveni.

Museveni has lost the Propaganda War, simply because his ‘well-oiled’ and superbly facilitated, propagandists (the entire lot in state house), even the most charming and friendly ones, like Ms Sarah Kagingo, have no chance whatsoever of winning the hearts and minds of Ugandan people – that itself being the result of trying to do the impossible – i.e. DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE.

It is without doubt that the Museveni Media / Propaganda Team is defending an indefensible MAN in the image of Yoweri Museveni, whose undemocratic credentials, power hungry disposition, brutality and incessant repressive instincts, extreme self-centredness, arrogance and nakedly anti-people tendencies are now beyond the explicable.

How do you defend a man who in 1981 publically stated that “The problem of Africa in general and Uganda in particular is not the people but leaders who want to overstay in power”, and yet 30 years on he is using broad day-light bribery and nepotism, naked violation of all the constitutional rights of Ugandan citizens, as well as shameless lying and disinformation, to ensure a life-presidency for him and his family?

How do you defend a man who says that he is a democrat and a defender of the people’s rights and freedoms, but so fanatically and brutally imposes himself and his family onto a whole country, unleashing such incredible violence and intimidation, just so he can be the SOLE CANDIDATE in a supposed democratic election?

How do you defend a man who after 3 decades of misrule has not a single drop of progressive ideology nor any residue of sensible political solutions to offer a nation that is so evidently weighed down by immeasurable political and socio-economic problems and challenges (widespread poverty, mass unemployment, lack of decent medical or educational infrastructures and systems, absence of the security of the person, as endless murders and deaths continue to rock the country, etc)?

How do you defend a man whose only pre-occupation is to keep himself in power at any cost, instead of looking after the welfare and wellbeing of the country’s citizens?

Simply put – the Museveni Propaganda / Media Team could never have won a propaganda war on behalf of their man. They are, without doubt, defending the wrong man, whose daily actions and manifestations are the biggest threat to any kind of effort to positively image or represent him.

They are defending the wrong policies, wrong political and economics approaches, as well as the wrong ideology and thinking… How on earth can you win such a war?

Unfortunately for them and their patron Museveni, it is now inevitable that, in addition to losing the propaganda war, they are just about to lose the very thing Mr Museveni treasures most – POLITICAL POWER.

And it keeps getting worse with Museveni people. News reaching us indicate that in the last two days, state house released 1.2billion shillings to a group of money markers to whip up support along Masaka road.

Members of our youth groups in Lukaya have described how they were approached and offered 5000 shillings each to come and line up!

Other youths got 12,000 shillings to line up in Busega. That is not called victory. That is called END OF ROAD.

The above comments have been written in reference to an article in The Observer newspaper in Uganda, titled ‘Museveni shops for journalists: President Museveni has directed State House Comptroller to recruit a new press team.’

By Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary to Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU, also Head of PRU Diaspora Mobilisation

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