Sejusa rallies Museveni bush war fighters to rebel



Gen David Sejusa has called on NRM Historicals to join the struggle againt President Yoweri Museveni.

In a lengthy interview with a leading tabloid Red Pepper of 02 September 2015, Sejusa entreated Ugandans to forget about “an already rigged 2016 election” and instead focus on dismantling the dictatorial regime.

This is the full interview retold by Free Uganda Media Team:

On elections and why Ugandans must not participate in Museveni-organized elections…

General Sejusa re-emphasized that “Museveni is already dealing with the post-election situation and people do not realize this yet the man is done with 2016: the ID project and the gerrymandering of constituencies. He is now done with 2016 election. He already knows the percentage with which he will win. He is now building capacity to deal with those who will be causing trouble in the post-election period. That is why you see millions of thugs, crime preventers and the Kakooza Mutales making rehearsals.”

On the current state of affairs in the NRM party:

General Sejusa says that “There is a general breakdown of cohesion within the NRM organization. That CEC (central Executive Committee and other organs of theirs don’t exist anymore otherwise that is not how you treat senior people like Kyaligonza.”

According to General Sejusa, “The system of meritocracy has collapsed and institutional safeguards have broken down yet merit should be the basis of employment, political competition and of remuneration.”

The General thinks that it is unfair for Museveni to have thrown his son-in-law in the firing line by forcing to use him to uproot and discard from the CEC and the political arena as a whole one of the acclaimed NRA bush war fighters, Major General Matayo Kyaligonza.

Gen Sejusa believes that Museveni is the root cause of these current political quagmire, as he fanatically attempts to actualize his “Museveni Family Project” whereby the political leadership of the country is meant to be monopolized exclusively by the members of his extended family.

General Sejusa further expounds on this matter by stating the following: “Odrek Rwabwogo standing isn’t and shouldn’t be the essence of General Kyaligonza’s bitterness but the unfair competition. If the processes are free and fair, he could humiliate the first family by defeating the young man. The unfair advantage is I think what is annoying Kyaligonza.”

Gen Sejusa calls on NRM Historicals and other senior NRM leaders to abandon the dictatorial regime and actively join the anti-Museveni struggle.

General Sejusa sent an awakening call to the remaining NRM Historicals who are still with Museveni to realize that the present political situation in Uganda needs to be radically  changed, and they, the Historicals have a major role to play in that process.

According to General Sejusa, there is no logical reason whatsoever why the likes of Gen Matayo Kyaligonza, Gen Kahinda Otafiire, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, etc, cannot do the righteous and patriotic thing and help save Uganda from the disastrous and tragic state of affairs, which are driving the whole country into the abyss.

The only way they can do this is by rebelling against Museveni and joining the ongoing struggle to free the country from the Museveni dictatorship.

General Sejusa says to his comrades still with Museveni: “They should know this is the time to rise up.”

The General advises his senior comrades to stop chasing small things, and aim for the ‘big things’.

“They should aim at real big things. They shouldn’t concentrate on Rwabwogo, Frank Tumwebaze and others. The struggle of Ndugu Kyaligonza should go beyond that small thing. That western thing is a very small thing for a comrade like Kyaligonza to be fighting over. He shouldn’t be aspiring for that. He has served that long enough. He should be running for NRM party chairman and Kahinda Otafiire my friend? Mbabazi wants to be President and Otafiire wants to be vice chairman western region? [Sarcastically laughs] You see these gentlemen, He really goes on radio campaigning for that, and he looks in the cameras. I am here. Elect me for LC5 or something. They have been defeated and have accepted to go with what is available. That is their weakness. When you hear a man like Otafiire vowing ‘…I will oppose this Museveni project if it ever comes up,’ but by the time they wake up it will have swallowed them.

They are very weak and they must organise now not tomorrow. They must reposition the ideological orientation of the NRM. It took us to the bush; many people died, not counting the millions who have died in these 30 years. This is where the war must be directed. I am appealing to Otafiire and Kyaligonza to leave that small Rwabwogo war and focus on the real thing.”

And to Gen Jim Muhwezi, General Sejusa had this to say: “Yes my friend Gen Muhwezi. I hear chairman of the veteran’s league. Jim must now be aspiring to be NRM National Chairman. Look at the people who have taken over at Kyadondo, the Secretary General, etc.

It doesn’t matter whether or appointed. Those are the positions the Jim Muhwezis should be fighting to have, not heading veterans. No wonder this chap called Dr. Tanga Odoi is always arrogantly telling off those old men. He was saying ‘you old men historicals go and hang.’ Then I heard Kasule Lumumba on TV saying ‘I will arrest them whoever you are. I will arrest them.’

Those old men shouldn’t allow that arrogance to go on. But if we were that as young men in our time where would this country be?

Those old men have a challenge to reposition the Movement to where it was when we first came here. If they don’t, I don’t know. It can even end up violently beyond politics to something beyond.”


Overcoming the fear factor:

General Sejusa, who states that many of this Historicals are his personal friends, adds that the biggest problem is the fear they have of Museveni, to the point of quacking and being afraid to associate with the likes of him, for fear of being punished by Museveni.

He recalls the many times his bush war comrades have found it difficult to associate themselves with him or to annoy Museveni any way. This, even during times of pain like when Gen. Sejusa’s father and his brother passed on.

He narrates how another relative, the Omugabe of Ankole passed away, when General was still in Uganda, before he went into exile, and Minsters who were related to the late Omugabe feared to attend the burial lest Museveni, who is against the official institution of the Obugabe (Ankole Kingdom) reprimand them.

General Sejusa put it in these words:

“You know the way the dictatorship works: there is a lot of fear. Can you imagine, when the Omugabe of Ankole died, he was my relative, and many of Museveni ministers would even fear to give me mabugo (condolences)… Many of them were related to this man (Omugabe) but even they feared to attend the burial. It would annoy Museveni. Only General Otafiire dared. The officers who came there were summoned immediately.

When my father died I was away in exile but there was an order. Many of those people wouldn’t dare come to my house here (Naguru) where the vigil was. Many of them went behind this gate and commiserated with my relatives in hiding. That was the case with all these friends, the ministers, Colonels and Generals.

Only a few exceptions like Gen Muhwezi my friend, Gen Mugisha Muntu, gen Tumwine dare come here. Some of them couldn’t dare including my brother Aronda. He couldn’t. He was just there quaking. That is the nature of dictatorship.

You must spy on your wife, no family is respected. They must use your children against you. They break up the family. You must destroy the social fabric of the society to break it down politically. Which freedom is this that people can’t bury their dead?”

General Sejusa believes that now is the time for all Ugandans, but particularly the men and women who fought and sacrificed all to bring Museveni to power, to lose the fear that has kept them in servitude and chains.

Specifically, General Sejusa called upon his fellow Luweero bush-war combatants to re-examine their own conscious and sense of patriotism, and to, accordingly, re-assess their own relationship with Museveni with the view to saving Uganda from impending chaos.

Failure to do that will only lead to more suffering, more bloodshed and ultimately to the total destruction of the Ugandan Motherland.

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