Sejusa rallies cardinal Wamala in anti-Museveni crusade


Sejusa and cardinal Wamala


Former coordinator of intelligence services, Gen David Sejusa, says President Yoweri Museveni’s government is beyond reform and the only medicine is to dismantle it.

“Museveni will not give the country the necessary reforms for free and fair. Museveni has never been a democrat and he will never be a democrat,” a statement released by his political party reads.

“So, what the opposition should be focusing on is to stop those sham elections from happening and to dismantle the nasty regime of Mr Museveni in whichever way possible.”

While visiting Kamuli district, Sejusa said he was focusing on dismantling the regime because “you can’t reform a dictatorship”.

“How do the opposition parties think they are going to reform the crooked Museveni systems with Museveni still in power? Are they really seriously thinking that Museveni is going to give them the reforms they are asking for?”

Sejusa observed that the game of “begging” Museveni for reforms has been tried and failed for the last 2 decades.

“The focus must be on weakening and dismantling the dictatorship. Anything less and we will only be strengthen the murderous regime and offering it breathing space to re-organise and consolidate its hold on power.”

Sejusa rallies church to depose Museveni

Also the Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) National Coordinator and Free Uganda Chairman, Sejusa is now rallying church leaders with a message of liberation.

“He (Sejusa) is now calling on religious leaders to support the coming changes by piling pressure on Mr Museveni to step down voluntarily and peacefully before he is forced out through a countrywide People Revolt,” Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary of Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU, also Head of PRU Diaspora Mobilization said.


Sejusa meeting religious leaders


General David Sejusa briefed the bishops, the pastors of born again churches, as well as sheiks from different mosques on on-going activities by PRU and FU together with many other activist groups and individuals meant to dismantle the decades’ long dictatorship.

In these meetings, it was agreed that the church cannot be kept away from political activities.

Both his Eminence Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala and General David Sejusa stressed the importance of church activism and religious leadership in general, particularly in troubled times is the case in Uganda, when the citizens of a nation are in so much need of effective leadership, guidance, and even solace as they travel along the road to a better society.

It was noted that the church, from time immemorial, was part of the secular governance processes.

“At renaissance and later during reformation, we see the leaders of the new nation states try to separate state and church mainly to protect trade and investment and so called integrity of the new states,” Magombe said.

But with the centrality of morality, fairness and issues of human rights and the critical need of uplifting people’s conditions, the church cannot be kept out of politics, he noted.

As the National Coordinator of PRU and Chairman FU, General Sejusa, put it, religious leaders in Uganda today are, more than ever before, called upon to be at the heart of the people’s struggle for a better society that is free of repression, human rights’ violations, corruption and bad governance.

“Religious leaders should be true leaders to their flock in their greatest time of need.”

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