Sejusa: ‘Mwana wani’ syndrome destroys State House


Nakasero State House

The raging war inside Mr Museveni’s government and state house, as well as the rapidly deteriorating state of affairs in the ruling NRM party, are vital signs and indications of the fast approaching end of a long journey of misrule and bad governance in Uganda.

Inevitably, the logical question to ask, at this critical juncture, can only be – Who really needs Mr Museveni as the President of Uganda anymore?

Is it not just a few die-hards, who know that they cannot exist without Museveni – that they cannot continue to loot the country, and misuse state institutions and power for personal gain, or continue the unwarranted abuse and rape of the constitutional order, if their Godfather is gone?

The majority of Ugandan citizens have long realised the futility of supporting a criminal regime that only survives because of massive looting of the country’s resources and finances, extreme nepotism (the ‘Mwana wani’ syndrome), as well as the gross and unfettered state violence and brutalisation of anyone who dares to criticize the regime and person of Mr Museveni.

The coming months are going to be decisive in the struggle for a New Uganda.

It is no longer a secret – Museveni’s hold onto power is in total jeopardy.

The coming months are, most certainly, going to be the crunch-time in the massive, all-round, efforts to dismantle the Museveni regime.

Ugandan patriots, both within and outside of the NRM party are already ceasing on Museveni’s wide-ranging weaknesses to dismantle the heinous regime.

All progressive Ugandan citizens, working collectively as One People, will endeavour to strike the final blow that will bring an end their pains and trepidations, as well the unbearable transgressions of the Museveni dictatorship.

The political turbulence in which Mr Museveni finds himself now is going to climax in his defeat.

The People’s march towards a new Uganda, without Museveni, will soon transition a raging mass revolt – something that Mr Museveni will not be able to counter or stop.

If I were Museveni, I would seriously start thinking of an exit plan.

I would acknowledge the overwhelming weaknesses of the limping regime – weaknesses that are bound to manifest into a cataclysmic political implosion of epic proportions.

But, most of all, I would carefully examine and internalise the mounting evidence of the growing power and invincibility of the multitude of unstoppable People Power forces now being assembled against the regime.

I would realise that an emboldened population that is fast becoming enlightened and empowered cannot fail to capture power from a shambolic and terminally wounded presidency.

Mr Museveni needs to quickly get to grips with the naked reality of his situation.

He needs to realise that the game is over, as the people of Uganda, in all their diverse outlooks and dispositions, have abandoned him.

He needs to know that he is all alone, and alone, he is heading for political oblivion.

This much weakened and bruised Museveni presidency, conjures an image of a man at the wheels of a bus that is no longer controllable.

A bus that is then chaotically and dangerously swaying from side to side, as it heads at break-neck speed to the cliff-side.

Unfortunately, the driver of the bus is sleeping, And not only is he immersed in a dream of self-denial about his own fate, but he also seems to be unaware that, as things stand, he and the remaining few passengers are headed for a tragic ending.

Truth be told – even as Mr Museveni frenetically scrambles to cover up all evidence of his weakening hold onto power, the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that all can see is that everything that is anything around and about the president has gone into irreversible tumbling mode.

As everyone can see, the Ugandan dictator’s decades’ old strangled on the Ugandan nation is no longer sustainable.

These days, Museveni not only looks a thoroughly tired man, but also acts in ways that can be described as ‘the ways’ of a politically haunted man, a fearful, and therefore panicky man – that easily resorts to massive arrests and uncontrollable bouts of violence against his opponents and critics – even those who have thus far been his closest supporters and friends.

Doubtless to say, the presidency of Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni can be seen to grow weaker and weaker by the day, with nothing left to save the eminent demise of the ramshackled and terminally ill regime.

The 30 year-old dictatorship is facing insurmountable pressure from within and without, as the People of Uganda, collectively, bravely and boldly, begin to stand up – in readiness to rescue their country from total destruction.

 By Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU, also Head of PRU Diaspora Mobilisation

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