Sejusa: Museveni won 2016 polls 4 years ago  


Sejusa and Nasser Ssebagala at DP headquarters yesterday


Free Uganda Chairman, Gen David Sejusa, has urged opposition political parties to not only boycott but also disrupt the 2016 general elections.

Sejusa was yesterday meeting Democratic Party leaders at their City House headquarters in Kampala.

He called on political parties to focus on building mass capacity to make it necessary for government to negotiate with them over a peaceful transfer of power.

“When you go back to the grass roots for mobilization and campaigns, your message should now be boycotting elections,” he said.

He cited the Sudan incident where the main opposition party boycotted elections but President Omar al-Bashir lured the other parties into an election which he will obviously win.

“When we boycott, we must even go ahead and disrupt the sham election,” he pointed out.

“We must ensure that the election doesn’t even take place.”

Museveni has already won the 2016 polls

Sejusa said the need for a boycott was hinged on the fact that President Yoweri Museveni has already won the 2016 general elections.

“There is no need for an election, Museveni has already won. We must boycott and go ahead to disrupt any such election.”

Sejusa said this was possible because of the National Identity card project which the Electoral Commission will use as a register.

He said some cards are already full of errors and machines can’t read them.

“It is a plot to rig the election. Ugandans must understand that elections are never won on election day.”

He revealed: “Museveni won the 2016 elections four years back.”

“With the ID project,” continued Sejusa, “there is enough proof that the winner of 2016 is already determined. That is why there should be no election”.

Sejusa who run to exile in 2013 after authoring a document alleging Museveni was grooming his son, Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba, to succeed him, went on record explaining how Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) former President, Kizza Besigye, won the 2006 elections.

He even explained the details of how they (army) formulated two parallel electoral commissions to rig Besigye out of the 2006 elections.

Yesterday, he said it was important to get reforms and make sure Museveni is out of the race because he will be past the 75 constitutional age.

“If Museveni is out of the race and there are reforms, anybody in Uganda can stand and win because there would be favourable conditions.”

With such favourable conditions, he, Sejusa, too would consider standing for the top seat.

“We need to create a field that will be free and fair.”

Otherwise, he cautioned, joining such an election is like playing games that will never amount to anything.

He took off time to praised DP for being credible and instrumental in change that has so far occurred in the country.

He said even during the bush struggle, NRA had the back up of DP.

The Democratic Party National Chairman, Mohammed Kezaala, told press that their meeting with Sejusa was about the spirit of working together to foster change.

“We are comparing notes and they agreed to join forces,” Kezala said.

Meanwhile, as regards his retirement from the army, Sejusa said the Commander-in-Chief has already retired him.

“These other people are doing paper work but those gossiping about me are just enemies of change.”

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