Sejusa: Museveni vote-stealing machinery in action  



The troubling images of heavy police and paramilitary forces deployed to harass and intimidate the supporters of the FDC party-presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye in Lira town, are the latest concrete evidence and proof of president Museveni’s unwillingness to let Ugandans to participate in free and fair elections anywhere in Uganda, be it inside their preferred political parties, or nationally during the planned, already rigged 2016 elections.

Reports from Lira town indicate that the man commanding the anti-democratic Museveni troops, the Regional Police Commander of North Kyoga region, Aruk Richard Maruk, personally warned local residents not to attend gatherings addressed by Dr. Kizza Besigye and that if they did so, they would risk suffering grievous consequences.

As Free Uganda (FU) and Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) have been warning, Ugandans should not waste time participating in Museveni / Kiggundu / Kale Kayihura organised elections, as that would only authenticate and give credibility to yet another poll rigging and vote-stealing criminality by Mr Museveni, after which he will once again declare himself the ‘elected’ president of Uganda.

PRU and FU have also warned all Ugandan political leaders not to dilly-dally and play to the tune of Yoweri Museveni by asking the People to participate in what are clearly sham and already rigged elections.

The only sensible way forward for Uganda, in the current circumstances, is for the People to assert their power by organising and mobilising for change through a People Power Revolt.

The moment has come for the decisive intervention by the People of Uganda in the political crisis gripping their country Uganda.

The future and destiny of Uganda can no longer be left in the hands of Mr. Yoweri Museveni or just a few political leaders.

The struggle for a new democratic Uganda must now be joined by all the People of Uganda, as, constitutionally, all power belongs to the People.

The political quagmire that now engulfs the country, with Mr Museveni categorically refusing to allow the radical and fundamental political and electoral reforms needed to ensure a peaceful transition of power from dictatorship to a democratic dispensation, and some opposition politicians hell bent on diving into the electoral fracas without these reforms being implemented, cannot be allowed to continue, and the People of Uganda are accordingly preparing and taking the necessary steps to ensure that a new alternative path is actualised to cause the desired political transition from Musevenism to democracy.

For anyone who cares to listen. What the People are saying is as follows: no reforms – no elections. No elections – transition government without Museveni.

Simply put, without political and electoral reforms, there cannot and will not be any type of elections in Uganda, and the only acceptable way forward will be a People-centred and defined transition arrangement, without Museveni as the political head of the country.

This transition arrangement, to be agreed upon by all the people of Uganda, will set out to create a democratic infrastructure that will deliver free and fair elections for all Ugandans to choose the leaders of their choice without any hindrance and in line with their constitutional rights and freedoms.

NOTE: (Sejusa is on record for saying Besigye won the 2006 elections but was rigged out by Museveni’s machinery).

General David Sejusa – Getting to know the man behind the creation of Free Uganda (FU) and Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU)

General Sejusa, the Chairman of Free Uganda and National Coordinator of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) is one of the highest qualified military officers in the Ugandan Army.

The General is not only a highly decorated soldier, with a rare academic profile for military officers, i.e., having graduated from university with, among others, a Bachelor of Law – Honours (LLB) and Master of Laws (LLM).

Formerly known as David Tinyefuza, General Sejusa has additionally distinguished himself at Uganda’s most prestigious military officers’ training institution, the Uganda Senior Command and Staff College at Kimaka (in Jinja), where he came out on the very top as the best overall participant of the elite officer training programme.

The Kimaka Senior Command and Staff College presented General David Sejusa the trophy for excellence, as evidenced in the photo below.


The General was also recognised for having produced the best ‘Passed Staff College’ (PSC) write-up (also called the Commandants Paper) titled “The Management of Change’, which paper is now used as reference by army and even academic establishments seeking to bring excellence to military and security service establishments in many countries of the world.

His team says Gen Sejusa is “a true patriot who has offered himself as a leader in the struggle for the liberation of Uganda”.

With the Ugandan nation at the cross roads, and the People’s struggle for a new democratic dispensation gaining momentum, General David Sejusa has dedicated himself fully to the People’s struggle for a new democratic Uganda.

The General sees his role as that of helping to build capacity and empowering the masses with the knowledge and the know-how that will enable them to free the country from the yoke of dictatorship and bad-governance.

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