Sejusa: Museveni training militia to kill opponents  


General David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza.


As Ugandan pro-democracy activists begin preparing to resist Mr Museveni’s hold onto power, by threatening to disrupt what will be sham elections in early 2016, Mr Museveni, who has refused to  sanction the necessary reforms that would allow for a free and fair ballot, has launched his plan B – preparing to unleash countrywide terror and repression by training and arming hundreds of thousands of fanatical youths, even students, who will no doubt commit mass murders and brutality with the view to keeping the dictatorial regime in power against the will of most Ugandan citizens.

In an extra-ordinary revelation by Mr Museveni’s much-feared police chief, General Kale Kayihura, which was broadcast by the local independent NTV television station (see link at the end of this statement), the embattled dictator, who has ruled the East African country with an iron fist for close to 30 years, and with nothing close to a democratic dispensation, has personally ordered for the instantaneous training and arming of thousands of regime-linked groups and militias, an act which is creating apprehension and fear that the embattled regime will unleash country-wide bloodshed, as a means of subduing an increasingly volatile populace that is not prepared to allow the dictator to extend his rule against the provisions of the country’s constitution.

The Ugandan constitution bars citizens from running for the presidency when they reach 75 years old. Mr Museveni who, will be 73 in 2016, will become 75 half way through an extended term, should he force his way through another rigged election in 2016.

Mr Museveni’s plan to perpetrate what amounts to genocide, in the event that the population refuses to endorse his continued rule of Uganda – warning by General David Sejusa.

Even before Museveni’s police chief, Kale Kayihura, publically acknowledged the Ugandan president’s order to arm sections of Ugandan society, Ugandan General David Sejusa, who is championing the campaign to stop Museveni from organising what he refers to as “already rigged 2016 elections”, blew the whistle, warning Ugandans and the international community of an impending tragedy of unthinkable proportions should Mr Museveni not be stopped from his plan to arm civilians, including young students.

General Sejusa, who now heads a new anti-regime umbrella organisation called Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU), besides serving as Chairman of the political group Free Uganda, is calling for immediate action by Ugandans and the international community to prevent the mass killings that will occur as a result of the beleaguered regime training and arming hundreds of thousands of civilians, with the ultimate aim of shoring up the defences of a collapsing ‘sole’ presidency by Mr Museveni.

Gen Sejusa is letting it be known that the very act of arming young students, while indoctrinating them with pro-regime propaganda and tasking them to defend an unconstitutional order, not only creates fertile grounds, but also the ultimate conditions for nation-wide blood-letting.

In the view of the general, who, having been a former head of intelligence services, knows pretty well how Museveni thinks, the arming of students and youths can only be for a very sinister motive, given the existential threat that the 30-year old regime is facing as a result of an emboldened populace ready to stand up and resist the planned extension of the Museveni autocracy and family rule.

The fact that the police chief, Kale Kayihura, came out to publically declare that the orders to expeditiously arm students and other non-combatants like farmers, shop keepers and boda boda riders came directly from Museveni himself, signals a clear understanding on the part of General Kayihura of the responsibility that must be borne by whoever gives the actual order for what is likely to become nothing less than a genocide. What Kayihura is doing is to tie that ultimate responsibility to his commander in chief.

Stop this sinister illegality by dismantling the Museveni dictatorship NOW.

The immediate concern of all Ugandans and the international community must be to prevent an impending genocide, by stopping the evolving preparatory acts, such as the indoctrination and illegal  arming of Ugandan civilians, particularly the students and other youths across the country.

What type of trainng do these have to bear automatic weapons?

What command and control structure is in place to ensure they don’t commit murders, robberies etc?

What code of conduct are they operating under?

Why are they turned into NRM political cadres before being armed?

Has parliament debated this?

These actions being carried out by the regime will ultimately lead to the total collapse of the Ugandan State.

The Museveni regime, therefore, must be called to attention and told, in explicit terms, to respect the constitutional rights of Ugandan citizens, and to abide by all the international human rights conventions to which Uganda is signatory.

To this end, the international community, especially the United Nations, the various world governments, as well as global human rights bodies like Amnesty International, Human rights Watch, etc, must not remain indifferent to the dangerous and wholly unacceptable manoeuvrings and machinations of Mr Museveni’s regime against the people of Uganda.

Mr Museveni must be forced to allow Ugandans to enjoy their inherent constitutional rights and freedoms, and, in particular, he must not be allowed to hinder the necessary political and electoral reforms, which would enable Ugandans to freely choose the type of leadership and governance systems they are interested in.


Mr Museveni has stubbornly ignored the wishes of the People of Uganda by refusing to take on board countrywide calls for immediate electoral reforms to ensure that any future elections are free and fair.

Comprehensive suggestions for reform of electoral laws, which have been tabled by a combined body of all Uganda’s political opposition groups, civil society organisations, religious leaders, youth and women’s groups, etc have been rubbished by the regime, and Mr Museveni is preventing a new bill, which is inclusive of the suggestions, to be passed in parliament.

Even within Museveni’s own NRM ruling party, the president has intractably, forcibly and unconstitutionally ensured that no other candidate can stand as the party’s flag-bearer in any elections, by declaring himself the ‘sole candidate’. Those who have dared to show their interest in being NRM presidential candidates have been ruthlessly purged and punished.

Against this back ground, the people of Uganda have been left with only one option – to resist any attempt by Mr Museveni to hold any sham elections, which are ‘already rigged’ anywhere in Uganda.

This decision by the people to stop and disrupt the holding of any sham elections by Mr Museveni, is what is making Mr Museveni opt for the ultimate crime of causing mass bloodshed across the country by training and arming of hundreds of thousands of civilians, including students, in order that they should forcefully and violently ensure his continued illegal stay in power after 30 years of dictatorial rule without proper elections.

In organising to peacefully resist Mr Museveni’s ‘sole candidature’ and his plans to hold ‘rigged elections’ in March 2016, the people of Uganda are mindful of the fact that the autocratic regime has criminalised the citizens’ right to assembly by passing a monstrous law, the so-called POMB (Public Organisation Management Bill), which does not permit even a small family gathering of five to discuss politics in their own home. This means that peaceful public protests or demonstration are totally outlawed.

Never-the-less, the people of Uganda will not wait for Mr Museveni to permit them to struggle for their constitutional rights and freedoms. And so, come what may, the citizens are planning, mobilising, and readying themselves for the ultimate battle for freedom.

It is for this reason that the Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) – an umbrella organisation that brings together a large number of anti-regime groups, political parties and individual activists and other organisations, that are built on same principles as PRU, are working day and night to prepare all sections of Uganda society for the inevitable People Power Revolt that will reclaim lost freedoms and constitutionality in Uganda.

It is through a well-organised, well actualised people-led mass revolt that Mr Museveni’s sinister ambitions to extend his one-man, one-family rule will be stopped.

Existential threat

Ugandans are facing an existential threat, with the real possibility of state-orchestrated murders, now that the regime is arming highly politicised private militias and hundreds of thousands of civilians with the task of using violent repression to ensure that Mr Museveni’s rule is extended against the wishes of the majority of Ugandans.

The responsibility of all Ugandans and the international community is to act NOW to stop the planned mass murder of innocent citizens. And the ultimate responsibility of all Ugandan citizens is to stand up and demand for the peaceful exit of Mr Museveni before any such genocide can occur.

Statement from the PLATFORM TO RESCUE UGANDA Media bureau.

Signed and issued: Dr Vincent Magombe, Free Uganda Press Secretary and Head of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) Diaspora Mobilisation. (17 May 2015)

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NOTE: IGP Kale Kayihura over the weekend dismissed the allegation as baseless saying Uganda was no training such youth anywhere.

He demanded that Sejusa produces evidence of such fanatical groups being armed by government.

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