Sejusa: Museveni is now a captive




General David Sejusa, the former Coordinator of Intelligence Services in Uganda says he will only work with political parties that accept to build alliance with him to bring change in the leadership of the Uganda.

The statement followed reports that some political parties had turned down his request for alliances ahead of the 2016 general election.

Gen. Sejusa told URN in an interview that he wrote letters to various opposition political parties calling for an alliance that could successfully oust President Yoweri Museveni from power through free and fair elections.

But the biggest opposition political party- Forum for Democratic change, rejected the request on account that Sejusa was still a serving army officer whose engagement could harm the party.

Although Uganda People’s Congress had also objected to Sejusa’s request, the party changed its stance three days ago and said the renegade general would be welcome as long as his aspirations are to cause peaceful change in the governance of Uganda.

The Democratic Party, Peoples Progressive Party and Justice Forum, gave a no objection to the request.

But Sejusa says that he would not force himself to work with political parties that are still skeptical about him because of his earlier allegiance to the ruling party.

He adds that his main aim was to share the knowledge and skills that could make the opposition even stronger.

He adds that the reasons fronted for his rejection do not hold.

“What faces is saving NRM as a party and President Yoweri Museveni,” he said.

“You know these leaders who abuse power, they reach an extent when they are powerless.”

He said that such leaders think they are very strong when they are actually not and inorder to build their systems, they have to destroy institutions that would block them.

“Museveni himself is a captive, those who don’t know, I know.”

Sejusa clarified that what faces Uganda is bigger than individual actors and definitely bigger than single parties.

“So we need to come together as Ugandans and get a single message.”


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