Sejusa: Museveni can’t bribe me to give up struggle


Gen David Sejusa and President Museveni during a meeting at State House Entebbe


Free Uganda chairman, Gen David Sejusa, has re-dedicated himself to the struggle for change with the oath that he will never give up or be bribed by President Yoweri Museveni to abandon his goal.

Sejusa made the commitment in an interview with Sunday Vision of April 5, 2015.

Sejusa went to London in 2013 after authoring a document claiming that President Museveni was grooming his son. Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba, to succeed him as president of Uganda.

According to the famous “Sejusa letter”, there was also a plot to bump off top government officials opposed to the move.

Sejusa returned to Uganda in December 2014 to lead a struggle for regime change.

He told Sunday Vision that having survived three attempts on his life while in London made him realise that he needed to go strongly on his mission.

Sejusa reiterated that they would not allow votes to be rigged again although he personally will not go to the ballot.

He was still worried about Ugandan opposition leaders who are always fighting for party positions in a bid to seek for the presidency.

“It is a mistake to say I want to be a president because Museveni will not give you power without you having adequate capacity to convince him that it is in his interest to give you power,” he stated.

“Weaklings are never given power. So, all those people you hear lining themselves up are trying to get a CV. Museveni is not going to relinquish power to weaklings and he says it. He calls us wolves, but implied in all this is that “you (opposition) people are so weak, I despise you.”

He said while in Nigeria and Kenya, the state was not fused with power, Uganda was different by design the reason why state institutions are fused with the ruling NRM party.

“To have free and fair elections, you must extricate them. The struggle will not only take a lot of ingenuity, but also a lot of sacrifice and it is incumbent upon Museveni to save the country.”

Why I met Museveni

Asked why he accepted to meet the President, Sejusa said to defeat Museveni, he needs to remain unpredictable.

“Many people do not understand the dynamics of power struggle in Uganda. I don’t not expect people to understand me. The things I may not be easily understood by the ordinary mind…otherwise I cannot lead the struggle”.

“I am a four star-general…predictable people are never generals. Those who are predictable cannot defeat Museveni.”

He said he met Museveni because he is the one in power and has the power.

“I will not meet Museveni to make a deal, but I can meet him to get a way forward for the people. If there is a way to save the country from going to war, I would meet Museveni”.

He said even the late South African President, Nelson Mandela, was secretly meting his tormentors without involving his fellow inmates.

“When you are a leader, sometimes you do things which are not obvious to the ordinary man.”

Sejusa explained that he refused to meet Museveni in Rwakitura because the president wanted to meet him alone and at night.

When he refused to meet Museveni in Rwakitura, the president was forced to reschedule and come to Entebbe hence all their demands were met.

“And those who are lecturing me should know I am the only man who has fought Museveni within the military.”

Apologises for past mistakes

Sejusa humbled himself before Ugandans, acknowledging past mistakes and fully apologised.

As regards his crackdown on northern Uganda, Sejusa agrees that it is a collective guilt he feels now and “I absolutely regret all this”.

He said staying in London was a total change of life and attitude.

“It was an opportunity of appreciating the mistakes I have made and appreciating that as you manage power, you actually make mistakes.”

Life in London was an eye opener to him especially when he had to cook, wash and garden for himself.

“Once you are in that situation, you start realizing that it is not all about power; there is another way to life. And I really got happy.”

Sejusa who headed the Scripture Union in High School says his belief in God made him believe in the unlimited power of the human spirit and the unlimited possibilities given “to us to achieve”.

“So, spirituality is intertwined with my mission to change this country for the better. I will not turn back.”

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