Sejusa: I’m a prisoner in UPDF, Besigye will liberate us


Sejusa arriving with Ingrid at Nakivubo

Former coordinator of intelligence services in the UPDF, Gen David Sejusa, says he is now a prisoner in President Yoweri Museveni’s army.

Sejusa authored a document insinuating political assassinations to allow Museveni’s son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, succeed him as president.

Sejusa then rushed to exile in London UK where he spent a year before returning last year.

He then applied to be retired from UPDF so he could pursue a political career.

Both army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, and the chief political commissar, Col Felix Kulaigye, said Sejusa had not been retired as the board was yet to sit and consider his application.

“I am a prisoner. No salary, no car, no house – but they have refused to release me from the army. Am a prisoner,” Sejusa cried out at Nakivubo stadium on Wednesday while addressing a rally by presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye.

This was followed Ankunda’s message warning that “defiant UPDF officers during this electioneering period will be dealt with firmly”.

“Serving military officers caught making partisan statements will face the wrath of the law,” Ankunda warned.

Besigye to rescue Uganda?

Besigye is not participating in Eng Badru’s Kiggundu’s election but the people’s election upon the standards set by the people, Sejusa told the crowd.

“I convinced Besigye to contest,” he said revealing of a visit he made to Rukungiri where the retired colonel slaughtered a goat for him.

He said Museveni desperately wanted to know what he [Sejusa] had discussed with Besigye.

Sejusa said while he buried Museveni’s parent, he [Museveni] did not even bury Sejusa’s father, while elaborating the president’s intolerance to those who speak out.

“Besigye registering for elections doesn’t mean he will abide by process. Some only see this only on the surface of it,” Sejusa reminded the crowd.

“This (Ugandan) struggle is not just about transition but liberation.”

“I am with you, I will stay with you in this fight until the dictatorship is gone.”

He said a good commander should train his soldiers how to fight well emphasising that was Besigye’s job now.

In a statement by Sejusa’s team after, the camp said for Uganda to be free of Museveni’s despotic regime, Dr Kizza Besigye’s and Mr Amama Mbabazi’s “huge unrented crowds of genuine supporters need to be translated into an undefeatable and sustainable Revolutionary People Power Force to dismantle Museveni’s despotic regime”.


“The People’s Revolutionary activism against the regime will only be successful when fully actualised before, and not after Museveni has rigged his way back to state house through a sham election.”

The statement said it is beyond “incredible that Ugandans can still accept one man, Museveni, who now has no support whatsoever, to continue forcing himself on Ugandan people by just declaring whatever electoral results he want – always declaring himself the winner, even when the People do not want him, even when the People have overwhelmingly voted against him”.

“He has done it throughout the 3 decades of his misrule. He is planning to do so again, using state violence and other forms of intimidation, such as illegal mass arrests and detentions of opposition leaders and activists, using ruthless state and non-state terror gangs and militias, buddies – Kayihura, Mutale, not to mention his son Muhoozi’s Special Forces Command (SFC).”

The camp further alleged that Museveni was planning to subvert the will of the Ugandan people, using innumerable under-hand methods, including widespread bribery, ballot stuffing, etc, with the ultimate objective of declaring himself the winner of the elections, come what may.

“He is ready to commit Genocide in order to actualise that declaration and to consolidate his illegal and sham victory.”

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