Sejusa camp: Besigye is no failure, still relevant  


Dr Vincent Magombe

In recent days, some misguided political analysts, pro-NRM journalists and politicians have been peddling an incredible view that FDC Strongman Kizza Besigye is a failure because he continues to insist on a political and electoral agenda of no reforms, no elections, and also because he prefers a people power revolution, rather than gracing and participating in Museveni-organised sham and already rigged elections.

Some have even begun to speculate that Dr. Kizza Besigye is going to become politically irrelevant and extinct because he now faces a revolt by some FDC MPs, who are planning to leave the party and join with forces who are hell-bent on participating in Museveni-organised elections even without the required REFORMS.

In a way, it is not a sin, nor a problem for those MPs who wish to defect from a Besigye-led party to do so. Let them go – it is their right to support whichever candidate they wish to support.

What matters for Uganda, however, in the current phase of the People’s Struggle for a new political dispensation, is, frankly, not how many MPs a leader can master around you, but how huge a following a candidate can master among the broader Ugandan population, with whose support a People’s Revolution can be actualized.

the political dispensation as it is, under Museveni dictatorship, necessitates and deserves a people power revolution, not politicians who are taking pride in jumping into a Museveni-organised sham and already rigged election, at the end of which Museveni is going to declare himself winner, even when he loses.

The real test and measure of how credible and strong a Ugandan political leader is will not be determined by how many wavering MPs abandon their original parties (NRM, FDC, UPC, DP, CP, etc), to support a politician with a different political direction, but how big a following one can have or master among the masses – the common citizen, for, these are the ones in their millions who can make happen the revolutionary change Ugandans aspire for.

In the end, even in the post-Museveni era, when Ugandans have re-established a democratic dispensation, it will still be the same millions of simple voters who will make or break the country’s political leaders.

If any political leader is to ignore this incontrovertible fact, the bitter truth might be that that leader may be the type who would love to see a continuation of the elitist manipulations of the political system, where a country’s political elites always seek to gain victory and power, not via the power of the masses but via the anti-people political game-plays of the few political elites operating from the dark shadows and corridors of the so-called parliament of Uganda – a parliament  which for decades has been and remains packed with Museveni dictatorship-supporting MPs who were elected through utterly sham and rigged Museveni-organized elections.

Dr. Vincent Magombe, the author, is a Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU, also Head of Diaspora Mobilization of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU)


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