Sejusa calls for people power revolt to topple Museveni


General Sejusa

Free Uganda boss, Gen David Sejusa, says President Yoweri Museveni will not be removed if Ugandans allow him to hold and take part in elections.

“As Mr Amama Mbabazi is rightly saying, change is coming in the next six months – but as Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) and Free Uganda (FU) have persistently laboured to warn, no change is going to come through an already rigged March 2016 sham election,” reads a statement released by Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary to Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press secretary FU, also Head of PRU Diaspora Mobilisation.

“If we allow Mr Museveni that opportunity to organize and stand in the elections, without any reforms and with the Badru Kiggundu Electoral Commission at the helm, we will have given him the green light to do what he does best – rig his way, steal his way, bribe his way, force his way using violence by Gen Kale Kayihura and company back to power in order to continue building a life presidency by one man and his family.”

According to the Sejusa’s camp, it is incumbent upon all Ugandans to recognize the urgency of doing the right thing and “taking the correct path to the freedom of our Motherland – all roads must lead to the immediate and total dismantling and deconstruction of the Museveni regime through people power revolt, and not to an already rigged 2016 Museveni poll”.

Sejusa’s group is confident that if all the fire, energy and determination that is now raging in the hearts of all anti-Museveni activists across Uganda, including in the NRM party, are directed at the singular task of dismantling the heinous Museveni regime, he will go.

“What we are seeing, hearing and witnessing in Uganda today is acutely important in the overall scheme of the liberation struggle.”

The political faction suggests the converging of all the liberation forces, across the political divide, “so that all this fire, all this energy, and all this determination is directed at the singular task of dismantling the Museveni regime and rescuing the country, once and for all, from the claws of dictatorship”.

The first important thing to do, according to Sejusa, is to liberate the country from a 30-year old “corrupt and repressive dictatorship” and when “the heinous Museveni regime is no more, we can all sit down as one people…one Uganda”.

He is confident, the successors will then be able to build a new democratic dispensation and a new peaceful, politically stable and progressive Ugandan nation that will be the envy of Africa.

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