Sejusa: Besigye, Mbabazi arrest shows Museveni is a heartless dictator



The fake narrative that Museveni is democrat and that he has been a democrat for the last 3 decades of his rule in Uganda is no more.

Museveni, by his own indefensible actions of arresting the country’s senior citizens, Dr. Kizza Besigye and Mr Amama Mbabazi, and unleashing and ordering his brutal repressive machine to terrorise an entire nation, has proved beyond doubt that Mr Museveni is not a democrat, but rather a heartless power-hungry dictator, who will do anything to hang to power, including the application of the most ruthless and authoritarian methods and approaches as we are witnessing today in Uganda.

The lack of democratic credentials on the part of Mr Museveni is constantly manifesting, not only by the way he is intolerant of any form of democratic competition within the ruling NRM party, but also his determination to quash any signs of political opposition within the Ugandan nation I general.

Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) and the political liberation organisation, Free Uganda (FU), thoroughly and unequivocally condemn the brutalisation and mass harassment of Ugandan people and naked harassment of the senior citizens, Amama Mbabazi and Dr Kizza Besigye, which is a further indication of the total lack of democracy in Uganda under Museveni.

The People of Uganda should be rest assured that what we are seeing are the last kicks of a dying regime, which will no doubt be defeated in the coming decisive People Power Revolt. Mr. Museveni’s meaningless actions are an indication of utter desperation and panic.

The Critical Message to the People of Uganda:


The urgent and critical message to all the People of Uganda is that the nation must now wake up to the realisation that the Museveni regime is at its weakest and can be defeated by a united and well-organised citizenry.

All efforts from across the country, and from all sections of society, irrespective of their political, tribal, cultural, gender identities, must now be focused on dismantling this criminal and ruthless regime, and not wasted in preparing for Museveni elections that he has already own through nation-wide intimidation and clearly visible rigging even before the voting starts.

Museveni has undemocratically declared and affirmed himself the Sole Presidential Candidate within and outside of his NRM party, and therefore, the unchallenged next president of Uganda after March 2016. Mr Museveni now expects and forcefully demands that the rest of Ugandan peopleonly endorse his next Presidency.

As the entire Ugandan nation can testify, Mr Museveni has accordingly transformed the institutions of Uganda police service and other state security agencies into biased, personalized tools of state repression.

This in addition to setting up and arming uncountable private militias, with the sole aim of terrorising Ugandans into silence and unreserved obedience to Mr Museveni’s egotistic political designs. All these terror tools are working for only one thing – to keep Museveni in power at any cost.

A good example is how an internal NRM party quarrel between Mr Museveni and Mr Amama Mbabazi has attracted the unwarranted attention of a whole national police service, who under the command of Museveni’s right hand men like Kale Kayihura, are now working for an individual, Mr Museveni and in a nakedly partisan manner.

These sinister, unpatriotic and partisan political manoeuvrings by General Kale Kayihura and others, on behalf of a single individual, Museveni, will in the end fail, because the People of Uganda are no longer asleep.

Finally – a direct appeal to Mr Amama Mbabazi.

It is high time to realise that we as individual Ugandans cannot and will not overthrow Mr Museveni. It is an incontrovertible fact that even a seemingly powerful individual, like Mr Amama Mbabazi, is not on his own strong enough to dismantle the dictatorship.

The truth and the whole truth is that ONLY THE PEOPLE are powerful enough to overthrow this abhorrent regime.

So, as leaders, let us all work together to collectively empower the masses with the right mind-set and liberation tools, in order that they can finish the job.

The Struggle Continues.

For God and My Country.

General David Sejusa, National Coordinator, Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) and Chairman, Free Uganda (FU)

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