Sejusa ally attacks as Mwenda calls Obama a puppet


Andrew Mwenda

Gen David Sejusa’s ally, Dr Vincent Magombe has lashed at Andrew M Mwenda, the founder of The Independent Magazine, for allegedly peddling lies about African by disguising himself as a Pan-African.

Magombe, the Secretary Free Uganda (Sejusa’s party) Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU, also Head of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) Diaspora Mobilisation, was responding to Mwenda’s opinion written for an international news network, Al Jazeera.

Mwenda’s opinion

In his opinion titled: “Africa to Obama: Mind your own business”, Mwenda says “like all imperial powers before it, the US seeks to dominate the world in order to exploit it”.

Mwenda says the United States President, Barack Obama, is the most admired foreign leader in Africa because he has ancestral roots in our continent but he is “ill-informed and stereotypical of our leaders”.

“But it is also because we African elites have internalised the ideology of our conquerors that presents us as inferior, inadequate, and incapable of self-government.”

While addressing the African Union in Addis Ababa on Tuesday, writes Mwenda, Obama acted like a colonial headman lecturing the natives on how to behave as good subjects.

“Yet behind Obama’s seeming concern for our good lies the social contempt he holds us in,” he adds, labelling the Kenya born as a hypocrite and wondering “Why doesn’t Obama openly admonish leaders of Western Europe whenever he visits their countries? Is it because they govern better? Who has the right to make this judgement and by what criteria?”

“There is a lot of corruption and widespread human rights abuses (especially of migrant minorities) in Western Europe – not to mention the brutality, genocides, forced labour, and racism that characterised their governance of Africa during colonial rule.”

Mwenda says the difference between Africa and these nations is that we are poorer in material possessions.

“But does their present wealth imply better governance?…In any case, is the US such a model country in governance to give Obama the moral authority to lecture Africans?”

He says in the US, a black person is killed by the highly militarised police force every 28 hours and while blacks constitute 12-13 percent of the US population but 43 percent of its prison population.

“Although there are only 33 million blacks in the US, there are one million (nearly four percent) of them in jail. Indeed, the incarceration rate of blacks in the US is 10 times that of blacks in apartheid South Africa.”

Mwenda pointed out that the corruption of Washington and Wall Street – where corporate profits are privatised and losses nationalised – goes without saying.

“Invading sovereign nations and toppling their governments while leaving chaos in their wake, the large scale use of drones which kill innocent civilians in Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are the kind of crimes the US commits.”

In contrast, he says, many African leaders do not treat their people with the cruel contempt with which the US treats its black citizens but agreed some use police against their political rivals.

Contrary to Obama’s self-appointed role as the secular priest of good governance, continues Mwenda, Africans fight for more freedom, democracy, and clean government daily yet US has consistently sided with our oppressors.

“Instead of coming to lecture, Obama should have had the humility to come and apologise to Africans for his country’s sadistic adventures on our continent. Indeed, Obama has no moral right to lecture Africans on democracy, human rights, and clean government because his country has been sponsoring corrupt and cruel policies against black people at home and thieving tyrants on our continent.”

“Obama being of African ancestry is the best puppet the US uses to disguise its contempt for Africans. But the best he can do is to mind his own business and let us mind ours.”

Magombe launches attack on Mwenda

Mwenda should stop peddling falsities and intellectual dishonesty under the guise of pan-Africanist anti-imperialist battles,” Magombe starts.

“How sad that Andrew Mwenda fails to know that America may be an imperialist power, but what Obama said in relation to lack of democracy, life presidencies and despotic behaviours of such leaders as Mr Yoweri Museveni of Uganda actually resonates with the majority of African people, not just the elites, as Mwenda incorrectly assumes.”

He says Mwenda himself was at one time a harsh critic of the Museveni regime – that is when he used to be a victim himself, having had his freedom of expression violated on a few occasions by the Museveni regime.

“Incredible how some African people can turn round in the way they think for reasons that are hard to establish.”

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