Sejusa ally appeals to superpowers


Incarcerated former coordinator of intelligence services, Gen David Sejusa’s camp has welcomed the latest remarks by US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power.

Power admonished President Yoweri Museveni for human rights violations and undermining the rule of law.

America, the United Kingdom and other democracies of the world must do more in support of the Ugandan Pro-Democracy Struggle, said Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU.

According to Magombe, merely criticising repressive actions will not stop the grievous human rights violations.

He called on the governments of the United States, United Kingdom and other democratic nations of the world to offer much more effective support to the Ugandan pro-democracy campaign movement.

In her remarks to the United Nations Security Council on Monday 21st March, Ambassador Samantha Power said when it comes to democratic accountability, the run-up and aftermath to last month’s elections shows real issues.

“The government and its security forces detained opposition figures without legal justification, harassed their supporters, and intimidated the media. It passed legislation restricting the operations of NGOs, banning them from acting against the ‘interests of Uganda.’”

She said President Museveni’s actions contravene the rule of law and jeopardize Uganda’s democratic progress, threatening Uganda’s future stability and prosperity.

Magombe directs the superpowers’ attention to the continued detention of the FDC leader Dr Kizza Besigye.

“What would help is a more radical approach by these international democracies, for example the immediate imposition of sanctions on the Museveni outfit that is unconstitutionally still referring to itself as the government of Uganda.”

“They could also offer much more practical and meaningful support to the anti-Museveni forces in the country,” Magombe continued.

He described the Ugandan elections of February 18th 2016 as a “sham and so irregular that their outcomes, especially the illegal and unconstitutional declaration of Museveni as the winner, cannot be taken seriously by any right-thinking person on the face of the earth”.

“What Museveni deserves is not mere condemnation or criticism, but serious, practical and visible pro-active actions.”

According to Magombe, from past experiences, Ugandan pro-democracy forces do not expect too much from outside players.

“We know well that sustainable liberation struggles are those which are fought by a country’s own citizens.”

He said the best they can do, if they can’t actively support the People’s Struggle for freedom, is to stop supporting Museveni’s regime.

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