Security seizes Tooro Prince royal robe   


Prince David Kijanangoma

Security at Entebbe international airport on Wednesday confiscated Tooro Prince David George Kijanangoma’s royal gown.

The Prince had instructed his chief mobiliser, Andrew Irumba, also Pan African Pyramid host, to collect the robe from Entebbe ahead of his coronation as Tooro King this December.

Irumba told Insider that when he got to the airport in the afternoon, authorities refused to give him the robe.

The special cultural wear was donated by the Tooro community and the Prince’s friends in the diaspora.

“This royal rob is the cultural dress a king puts on, on his coronation. It’s very instrumental in the coronation activities,” Irumba explained.

Irumba then vowed not to leave the airport without it and engaged the officials [who asked not be exposed] in a meeting that took hours.

“I was later able to secure the royal robe from the authorities at Entebbe Airport after a heated debate I had with them,” he told us afterwards.

When asked what reasons security gave for confiscating the gown, Irumba said: “That they were ‘consulting’ the intentions of the royal robe”.

He said with the robe secured, the coronation would proceed in Fort Portal on December 23, 2015.

According to the latest pictures we saw, the Rwengoma palace has been refurbished ahead of the ceremony.

About 9 traditional cultural huts are being constructed in the palace’s compound.


He said the fundraising for the event has been extended to Sunday December 20, 4pm at Fairway Hotel in Kampala.

Irumba said he has already met Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander (KMPC)-Afande Abas Byakagaba, Afande Anatoli Muleterwa, Kampala Metropolitan Police Head of Community policing, and Wandegeya DPC over the fundraising event.

“For better management of the function, we agreed we put it on Sunday 20/12/2015, same venue and time.”

Writes to Kayihura

Meanwhile, the chairman of the organising committee, George Kusemererwa, has written to police chief, Kale Kayihura, asking for security on the coronation day.

In the letter, Kusemererwa informs Kayihura that it is their constitutional right as Tooro subjects to install a King of their choice.

He accuses King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru IV of failing to follow in his ancestors footsteps and protecting the dreams and aspirations of the Tooro community.

About 185 years ago, Tooro kingdom seceded from Bunyoro Kitara kingdom because the son of then king of Bunyoro received several complaints that Tooro area wasn’t being visited and had a lot of issues to attend to.

The first King was Kaboyo Kasuunsu Kwanzi who fought his father to create Tooro kingdom.

About 164 years ago, King Duhaga Kazaana was dethroned by King Nyaika Kasunga for sleeping in meetings.

After 146 years, David Kijanangoma, a grandson of Nyaika Kasuunsu is dethroning King Oyo for selling kingdom properties.


When President Yoweri Museveni mediated in Tooro royal issues, he formed a committee made of religious leaders to meet both camps and compile a report.

The report compiled in July this year has been released.

It faults Queen Mother Best Kemigisa for failing to raise King Oyo per the standards of a royal but left him to party and abandon his people.

It further recommended that she ceases selling off kingdom properties.

The report also suggested that Prince Kijanangoma forms an NGO to extend services to the people.

The report also recommends that Oyo goes for further studies.

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