Secret files: Kayihura sleepless as Mbabazi infiltrates voters register


Kayihura and Mbabazi at an event

The Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura, has suspended sleep after receiving intelligence from crime preventers indicating that presidential hopeful, Amama Mbabazi, has infiltrated the Electoral Commission.

Those who were in Wandegeya on Saturday may have wondered why security was tight opposite JB hostel at the crime preventers’ headquarters.

Sources tell us Kayihura was personally meeting crime preventers who are the eyes and ears of the state now.

The meeting started at around 11:00am and ended at about 2:00pm in the afternoon.


Kayihura told crime preventers he has received an intelligence report indicating that Mbabazi “penetrated and influenced” some officials at the Electoral Commission to disorganise the voters register.

According to the intelligence report, the officials who Kayihura didn’t name, changed pictures of individual voters and turned the register upside down.

“Where you find Peter Okello, the picture will be for another person say James Tuhaise,” Kayihura told the crime preventers, explaining the gravity of the situation at hand.

“They were changing pictures in the register turning everything upside down,” Kayihura repeated, looking agitated.

“He [Mbabazi] has people on the electoral commission,” the police chief continued.

He said the exercise was carried out with the hope that when people come to vote, then find a disorganised register and start asking questions.

“You know what happens then, the voters would get tired of the process and by the time officials rectify the problem, the electorate would have left polling stations without voting. This is their [Mbabazi camp] plan.”

Urgent assignment

Kayihura issued orders to the National Youth Crime Preventers Forum (NCPF) boss, Blaise Kamugisha, directing him to start an urgent exercise of verifying voters afresh village per village in all districts across the country.

Kamugisha will work with District Police Commanders [DPCs], crime preventers’ coordinators and sub county leaders to ensure this exercise is swift and successful.

The crime preventers in every district kicked-started the exercise yesterday where every voter will be called and verified on individual basis, crosschecking his/ her name with the picture in the register to straighten up “Mbabazi’s mess”.

No sleep

Sources at the Wandegeya based crime preventers headquarters tells us the “boys” have not slept since yesterday.

“We have been making phone calls left and right. The boss ordered that every coordinator in every district is reached on phone for this purpose. We are still making phone calls up to now,” the source told us.

The fully furnished headquarter is self-contained as you may say; it has lodgings and food is even brought to the boys who are now working tirelessly on an assignment of national importance.

“This is a threat. We are in great danger here,” Kayihura laboured to explain the seriousness of the matter to the crime preventers who eat and sleep at the headquarters so they can work 24 hours now.

“The man [Mbabazi] has influenced the whole system,” the police chief reiterated.

“We must deliver the victory to the president without interference.”

To deliver that victory, Kayihura further assigned crime preventers to work with village, parish and sub county leaders to identify Mbabazi agents and isolate them “early enough”.

“Make sure you get their names and phone contacts. There is enough facilitation for you to carry out this exercise.”

Youth defections

Meanwhile, we have also learnt that NRM youth who lost elections in the primaries have decided to cross to Mbabazi camp.

The youth say they used a lot of money in the elections only to be rigged out.

They claim voters were bribed especially in northern and eastern Uganda hence the process that saw them lose was irregular.

It is also the work of crime preventers to get to the bottom of this and see how to lure the disgruntled youth back to Museveni camp.

The question of crime preventers  

In 1994, when the first crime preventers were passed out at Katwe Police Station in Kampala, the idea was to have citizens who would sensitise the community about policing.

When in January 2014, Peninah Kobusingye, a second year student at Makerere University, was gang-raped and killed, Kayihura took the idea to another level.

Gen Kayihura quickly organised a seven-day training for 700 Makerere University students in self-defence skills.

The group was transformed into the National Youth Crime Preventers Forum (NCPF) under the leadership of Blaise Kamugisha, a law student at Makerere University.

In November 2014, more Makerere University students were mobilised and taken to Police Training School, Kabalye in Masindi District where they underwent training in political ideology and economy, martial arts, military drills, and gun stripping and assembling skills.

The youth were later trained and passed by President Yoweri Museveni across the country as a police reinforcement to curb crime.

However, politicians say the youth will be used in 2016 elections to crackdown on opposition as did Maj Roland Kakooza Mutale’s Kalangala Action Plan in 2001 elections.

At the launch of one of the five recent trainings at Kabalye, Kamugisha is quoted by Daily Monitor boasted of how his group had helped the ruling National Resistance Movement party win leadership in universities.

The spokesperson of Kamugisha’s forum, Sylvia Ampumuza, would later be seen vying for National Youth Member of Parliament on NRM ticket.

Gen Kayihura, however, denies training youth for a political or militaristic agenda.

Crime preventers all dressed in Museveni T-shirts were recently seen in Gulu town burying Mbabazi alive.

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