Sarah Kagingo’s ghost haunts State House


Kagingo in group selfie with Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Siraje Lubwama after a radio talk show at CBS FM lastweek


It seems the ghost of what “former” Presidential Special Communications Assistant, Sarah Kagingo, has returned to haunt State House tearing apart cliques that have made the top office a den of thieves.

Kagingo was pushed out of State House after leaking deals by her colleagues aimed at fleecing the President of huge sums of money.

She complained of harassment by a group led by Maj Edith Nakalema and Brig Proscovia Nalweyiso who had made her life a living hell.

At the same time, the presidential press secretary, Tamale Mirundi, took the side of his colleagues and discredited Kagingo who he said had been fired by the president.

Now, the same Mirundi has launched verbal artillery on Nakalema and Nalweyiso confirming that they are indeed thieves who have drained State House clean and made it impossible for those loyal to the president to do their work in peace.

Mirundi himself revealed that now that he is exposing them, they want to eliminate him.

Kagingo ghost at work?

Since taking the job in 2013, reports have always indicated that Mirundi felt threatened by Kagingo.

Kagingo is now famed for revolutionising State House communications department by transforming from traditional systems which she gave a modern touch.


The lady herself

She is on record for digitising Museveni by introducing him to trendy social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr among others.

She single-handledly built and grew his Facebook and Twitter accounts from scratch to thousands of followers.

On a personal level, Kagingo established herself as a social media guru, tweeting in real time and uploading updated information about the President and State House faster than any one.

This trend did not go well with her colleagues who resorted to intimidation, blackmail and direct physical harassment till they finally threw her out of State House at the close of 2014.

It is said that one of the State House Press Unit ladies ranted to the world complaining that President Museveni had introduced Kagingo to her as “this is my Obama. She is very hi-tech. She is African by culture but her methods of work are white.”

Kagingo was largely seen as the human face of state House until she was hounded by a clique headed by Maj.  Nakalema.

This comes on the heels of government spokespersons are being accused by social media enthusiasts and around the country of hateful speech.

Recently FUF Spokesman, Dr Vincent Magombe, referred to Kagingo as “friendly and charming” but said not even her charm would help save Museveni who has lost the propaganda war.

Kagingo, popular among both ruling party and opposition youth, while appearing on CBS radio recently, one of Buganda’s largest radio, said she was digital, used her social space as she chooses but would never promote belligerence.

Kagingo who has become a household name in the new media appealed to Ugandans to remain calm during the presidential electoral process.

Analysing Ms Kagingo’s Twitter Timeline, one notices how she is fluent in Swahili and French has attracted a following in the East African and Great Lakes region.


Kagingo consults the president at a function

Kagingo has cut herself a niche in political communications with great tact which many Museveni critics find difficult to bash.

While celebrating Eid in Masaka, President Museveni Museveni referred to oil as ‘My oil’ for which tweeps created hashtag #ThingsM7Owns.

In her usual non-confrontational style, Kagingo asked tweeps: “If I said hashtag #ThingsM7Owns has blown my head off, would you take its literal sense? That my head is no longer attached to my body?”

She told tweeps that President Museveni was renown for metaphoric and figurative speech and needed not take the literal sense of such speech as that takes the President’s message out of context.

She lauded President Museveni’s leadership during oil negotiations for emphasis on Uganda’s oil refinery citing fact that some African countries blessed with oil resources suffer scarcity of oil products and citizens are seen queuing up.

Sections of Ugandans are already suggesting that the decision by Museveni to sack his press team and ICT unit is solely based on unequalled works of this lady.

While still in State House, Kagingo used social media (which she still does) to dilute opposition criticisms and defend the president.

But with the current rudimentary (old-fashioned) press team, Museveni could not even counter his rival, Amama Mbabazi, who is using modern technology to challenge the incumbent president.

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