S.Africans killing blacks from other states


A family of non-South African blacks flee a killing mob of nationals (curtsey photo)


South Africans have now taken their racist attitude to another level and started killing African immigrants from other countries.

BBC Africa yesterday reported five more people being killed in the latest of a string of xenophobic attacks in the South African city of Durban.

The report said Police patrols had been stepped up to prevent more attacks against shops owned by immigrants from other African countries.

Shops owned by foreigners in Durban, a key port on South Africa’s Indian Ocean coast, have been looted and burnt during the violence.

Hundreds have been already forced to flee to makeshift camps.

According to Reuters, police was forced to fire rubber bullets to disperse angry crowds on Tuesday that had gathered in Durban to demonstrate against the killing of “fellow African brothers”.

Protests were held by both immigrants and locals, some brandishing hatchets and machetes, footage from Local TV news channel eNCA showed.

According to Reuters, in 2008, more than 60 foreigners were killed in similar unrest as locals vented frustrations against their own problems, particularly the lack of jobs in the continent’s most advanced economy.

South African unemployment is officially around 25 percent but is widely believed to be much higher.

Meanwhile as a measure, Malawi says it is working to repatriate hundreds of its nationals who have been made homeless.

The South African President, Jacob Zuma, has condemned the attacks and established a committee to try to restore order.

Last year, we published an opinion under the title “opinion-let-au-arrest-zuma-for-starting-apartheid-in-uganda” in which we indicate how South African embassies were segregating East Africans with their racist visa policies.

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