Rwomushana: Why Museveni calls Besigye a dog, Mbabazi a wolf



Folks and foes, refer to our earlier conversation of life in the Kraal. I will try to interrogate the president’s reference to his opponents to specific animals domestic and wild.

We have seen the dog, Enyana, a cow and a Mularo in the Kraal setting.

We examine the power dynamic and the economic forces at play in an expanded Kraal.

There is a worker in the Kraal who looks after the cows, the calves ( Enyaana) etc. He literally provides all the labour from removing the cow dung ( okweeyera) This is labor intensive. This entails moving close to 10 tons of dung to a hip called Orubungo and manually.

The worker waters the cows, prepares beddings for calves….and cleans the calves bedroom ( Ekihongoore), burns the dry cow dung to generate smoke to chase flies from cows as they rest, fetch fire wood, mobilize food, cook, milk the cows etc….He is not paid in monitory terms.

Not at all.

He is not paid by commission.


He is paid a kanumi( a tinny young bull.) for 16 months of hard labor.

He is not paid a Nyena to avoid his multiply.

He works for 32 months to get a female calf…enya ana.

The other category in the Kraal is Abashumba.

When a family collapses economically it migrates to a Kraal for sustenance in all respects.( Okushumba).

This unemployed family provides all labor in the Kraal but is merely fed.

It has no known economic and or political rights.

I don’t know why the Baganda call some religious leaders in the Church Omushumba.

We also have Abahuuku. These are slaves and or people who provide labor and with no dignity at all.

When a Kraal generates an army to provide security to other Kraals (We will examine State formation later) the Kraal becomes a Kikari ( Palace read Olubiiri in Luganda) and you will have another elevated labors called Abazaana.

The female Muzaana is entitled to produce children with the Kraal head and vice versa. That is, the daughter of the Kraal head can produce with a male Muzaana and the product will extend the imperial power of leader of Kraal.

If you have taken time to study, most young people to whom power is going to be handed to are linked to the powers that be through marriages.

The Baganda have a word a Muddu to mean a servant. For instance, a muddu wa Katonda refers to the Servant of God. Omuddu is the equivalent of Omwiiru in the Kraal setting. I reject the notion that one is a Mwiru by virtue of economic activity.

I suggest one is by the definition of labor relations.

You will note that the labor by whatever category is not entitled to a living wage and has no say in the affairs of the Kraal and farm. You are as an object as any other item in the Kraal. The products of Abazaana and the Kraal head will extend to produce subjects. Everything in the Kraal belongs to the Kraal head.

So you have terms as “… my land, my roads, my lakes, my cows, my people, my army, my oil, my money etc…” You are his people because you are either objects of charity….presidential donations ( How can your servant in a president donate to you your taxes?) You hear the president has donated to a district etc…You really see a lot of unconsciousness.

You are also His people because you are subjects of pity. You could have heard the magnanimity of the First lady on donating an Ambulance in her convoy to the Karamajong for she felt pity for them. The state ambulance was indeed her personal property for disposal to her subjects of pity.

Sorry for the long article.

Now let me tackle the language of animals names in the Kraal.

You will hear phrases Omwiru abe’ mbwa .

Omwiiru is a dog.

The president referred to Dr Besigye as akabwa akaasiiru kabogoreera enjoovu.

A stupid small dog in Besigye barks at an elephant.

We have dogs like Kakwisi and Rukamba.

I don’t mean Rwakakamba.

So in essence, the president sees Dr Besigye as Kakwisi that is so stupid to bark at an elephant, the Kraal head.

Okusheega is to beg. It’s like Okushumba. Okusheega could also mean to rebel. The Dog that rebels is Omusheega…the Wolf. When the president calls Amama Mbabazi a wolf the president is visualizing a dog, Omushumba and Omusheegi who rebelled.

This I suggest is why the president refers to Amama as a Wolf to whom he can’t handover his property and Kraal Uganda. Actually the Balaro have a saying that, ‘ Kwoyekurururira omwiiru okucwa omwaawe…” If you bring a Mwiru closer, he chases you from your home…The mwiru, the Omushumba, the wolf wants to head the Kraal…

The other animal close to the Kraal is the pig.

These are hazardous to the cows.

A mularo abhors them.

It’s not surprising that the past Uganda’s presidents President Museveni loathes, referred to them as pigs…swine.

To some like Prof Lule and Binaisa museveni was soft.

To Dr Obote and Marshal Amin Museveni was too harsh.

His dislike for pigs determined his policy on the North for a long time. The policy of military domination.

This takes us to how a pig is killed.

You lure in the pig, sooth it by a simple and soft scratch the way a cow is relaxed and a swine read pig sleeps and you hit had its head with a kafuuni ( not a katayimbwa). The kafuuni…small hoe hit on the forehead of the victim was common in the Luwero war.

The pig faces brute and vicious violence.

The other animal is a lion. The Omularo uses a stick to confront it. The Kabaka of Buganda uses the symbol of a lion and I’m not surprised the president called for Mpenkooni…give me a stick as he confronted Buganda in the last elections. The subdued Buganda now receives an owl ( Ekisamututu) instead of a dove.( Money and land titles)

President Gaddaffi brought in another dynamic, the rats and cockroaches. We shall examine this later.

Now with the rebellion of Rukamba Amama, we expect snakes and rats on the farm.

You have a very naïve bird called” Oruyongoyongo orwa Kabale” The Oruyongoyongo of Kabale. I don’t have its English name here but will provide it later.

This bird eats snakes and rats around the Kraal. In president Museveni’s new lyric, he refers to this bird that has taken over from Amama, that waters cows, calves sleep and cows come home. It’s too early to suggest that this Ruyongoyongo is Nduggu Rugunda.

Engooma..the drum in the Kraal setting is a symbol of power.

In his new song, the president asks probably his spiritual power to give him power and the snake and rat eating bird will take care of his objects and subjects (not citizens) in the Masses.

Mr Charles Rwomushana, the author, is a former head of political intelligence desk in State House



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