Rwomushana: We strangle Museveni like Amin, Obote  


Rwomushana (Photo by Timothy Kalyegira/Kampala Express)

Charles Rwomushana, a former head of political intelligence desk in State House says Ugandans should force President Yoweri Museveni to open up and if he doesn’t “we strangle him”.

Rwomushana was appearing on NBS TV Monring Breeze on Wednesday on the topic “Uganda at a Glance. Making sense of the fundamental issues in the political realm.”

He said wanting fair politics doesn’t require one to support former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi.

“Amama Mbabazi has unraveled the smelly mouth of the NRM party,” he stated, adding “You don’t have to be a supporter of Amama to want fair politics.”

“If Museveni is popular within NRM party, then why doesn’t he allow competition?” he questioned.

NRM deputy spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, went on record saying Museveni was still strong in the NRM and Mbabazi would be wasting his time to stand against him.

As Opondo had predicted, Mbabazi fell out of the NRM primaries and opted to run for the presidency as an independent candidate.

But Rwomushana believes Amama Mbabazi is the political stone that will cause an avalanche in Uganda.‪

“Many people in government dream of Amama Mbabazi, but in the morning sing “mpa enkoni””.

As for Amama’s decision to stand outside NRM, Rwomushana connects it to the fact that “the NRM party is allergic to fair elections”.

“President Museveni would rather strip Amama Mbabazi of his citizenship than let him run against him in 2016.‪”

He cited an example of NRM rebel MPs saying President Museveni can’t afford to have many Ssekikubo’s in parliament (Theodore Ssekikubo is the Lwemiyaga county MP and one of the four NRM rebel MPs who were expelled from the party for opposing Museveni).

“He (Museveni) will rig the system to avoid that.‪ President Museveni surrounds himself with relatives and clansmen expecting loyalty. This isn’t guaranteed and is very dangerous.”

“None of the people loyal to President Museveni will stick around when his ship starts sinking,” he predicted.

Rwomushana said it is only Rtd Col Kizza Besigye who was trained as a politician while Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu was trained as a soldier to kill.

“President Museveni is the only threat right now to Ugandans.‪”

Rwomushana insisted that the sole candidature and staying in power forever is unacceptable in Uganda saying, “Uganda always strangles dictatorships; Idi Amin and Milton Obote were all strangled”.

He says the NRM party imposed itself on Ugandans through violence when it was capturing power.

About Rwomushana

Rwomushana is a former head of political intelligence in the President’s Office and in the Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

Rwomushana started out as the chairman the “needy students” resistance movement at Makerere University and won the 1992-93 guild elections.

In 1994, he went ahead to contest the Rujumbura constituency seat and won to represent it in the Constituent Assembly.

He told Daily Monitor that he started the campaign with only Shs 700 in the pocket and was riding around looking for votes on a one Fred Zikabika’s bicycle.

In 1996, he went back to Rujumbura to face a “hostile” Brig. Jim Muhwezi, who “mistreated” and later defeated him.

He was appointed Pader district as Resident District Commissioner.

Museveni later recalled him and put him in charge political intelligence under the internal security Organisation (ISO) in the President’s Office.

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