Rwomushana uses jiggers to attack Salaamu Musumba


Musumba (facing the camera) enjoying herself in Dead Sea

Critic Charles Rwomushana has put Kamuli District chairperson, Proscovia Salaamu-Musumba, on the rack and left her to dry in the sun.

Salaamu without meaning any one any harm, shared a picture of her naked self in water and dedicated it to “all brethrens”.

Accompanying the picture, was a message: “Great things happen to those who believe without seeing!”

Salaamu said it was true, she swam in the Dead Sea in the Promised Land-Israel and actually floated.

“A Promised Land of ‘Milk & Honey’ that has no grass, no flowers for bees to make the honey, no grass for cows to feed & give the milk. Yet, the Promised Land is still the Promise of Salvation – knowledge, know-how & wealth. Even when the Dead Sea is dying, God’s Promise to Humanity is Eternal. Be Blessed,” she said.

Political analyst, Rwomushana could not let this go but reminded Salaamu that Uganda too would be a land of milk and honey if leaders like herself actually cared about their people.

Here is the unedited attack:

Girl Friend Proscovia Salaam…I can see you in what they call the God’s Promised Land.

Dont fall for their propaganda.

Why swim in the dead sea when you have a living Lake Victoria?

If you want the land of milk and honey, it cant be that desert.

Not at all.

Come to Kigezi where you will get milk and honey from wise cows and bees.

The milk from the Kiruhura cows these days is not good..

The cows from Kiruhura they Kujagyira.

Okujagiira is when a cow is too lazy to wake up for pasture.

It defecates and dirties self.

The Bakiga now say “..eyajagiira munonga, bajijaguja ekiraasho…”

If the cow over sleeps, you wake it up by piercing it with a sharp metal object…

Girl friend, were you at Entebbe airport?

Did you see Boxes from Somalia?

That is ekirasho…

How do you call it in Lusoga?

Back to the milk from Kiruhura cows…

Those cows are like their Mularo who has kujagira for close to 30 years and he is cow-dung all over.

He smells south Sudan cow-dung, the Somalia cow-dung, Sudhir Namulonge cow-dung, Shimon cow-dung etc.

So the milk from those Kiruhura cows is not good.

Girl Friend, I have little to say about Honey from Busoga.

You know the Kiruhura boss brought insects in a briefcase.

They were supposed to destroy the sugar cane wilt.

Not the banana wilt.

The insects turned out to be ferocious jiggers that have ravaged the feet of your romantic men.

Now your men dont do men cure…..

The wounded feet tear bed-sheets…

When your Basoga men squeeze bananas for juice, the Omukambi…the grass with which bananas are squeezed…feed Bees.

Those bees seek out the liquid squeezed out of jiggers’ eggs for honey.

Its special honey indeed.

Girl Friend dont forget to say Hail Mary for me.

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